8 Clever Storage Tips for Renters

Last updated on December 31st, 2021

Finding enough storage space for all the things you own in a house isn’t easy. It becomes all the more difficult when this house happens to be a rented one. But renting a living space doesn’t have to mean not being able to make the place feel like home!

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Here are 8 tips that will help you live large in your rented space!

1. Use Behind-The-Door Storage

behind door storage

Don’t worry about lack of storage space. Just hang wire-racks behind doors and store whatever you want.

2. Use Magnetic Spice Holders

magnetic spice holder

When storage space seems to be a constraint, think vertical! Choose magnetic spice jars and just stick them on your refrigerator door. Think of all the space that’ll free up in your cabinets!

3. Get A Sofa-Cum-Bed

sofa cum bed

A Sofa that also doubles up as a bed is an excellent way to save space when you stay in a rented apartment and don’t have a separate guest bedroom.

4.  Use A Study Desk As A Bedside Table

study desk as bedside atble

Use Study desk as a bedside table to enjoy the benefits of both without compromising on space!

5. Use Old Suitcases As Storage Tables

suitcases as storage and table

Get all your old suitcases out! They make fantastic storage units and also add a vintage charm to the room.

6.Vertical Pegboard Pot Holder

vertical pegboard kitchen storage

Keep your kitchen organized with the help of a pegboard. Just install one in your kitchen and hang all your pots and pans off it.

7. No Built-in Wardrobes? No Problem!


An open wardrobe looks lovely (if you keep it tidy!) and also creates the illusion of space, making your room appear bigger.

8. Create A Washi Tape Photo Gallery

washi tape gallery wall

If you can’t drill holes in your walls, don’t deprive your home of artwork. Stick your pictures on the walls with washi tape and create a unique gallery wall!

Have fun decorating your space!

Image Credit: Garden Betty, Memorabledecor.com, Personal Mini Storage Blog, AmandoBlogs.com, Pixers