Here’s What You Need To Create A Perfect Home!

Last updated on December 21st, 2021

Whether you have recently bought a new home, or simply planning on a renovation, there are some interior designing rules that you need to follow.

This doesn’t mean you need to take a crash course on interior designing, or even consult a designer! All you’ve got to do is follow these 10 clever interior design tips and tricks to create a home that looks straight out of a magazine!

1. Opt for a functional layout

Let’s start with the basics: Your interior layout needs to be as per your needs. If you stay alone, then you can think of investing in elaborate decor, whereas if you stay with your family then an open floor plan is the best option for you. These days a lot of online software and websites are available that can help you find the best-suited floor plan based on your home size and needs.

2. Invest well in seating

Most interior designers will agree that a sofa is the most crucial piece of your home. Hence, you need to be sure of the color, fabric, size, and quality of the sofa(it can be quite overwhelming!). Do thorough research on the types of sofas available, look into the local furniture shop, as well as online to get an idea of your taste. However, before you go out and start looking, measure your space! After all, you don’t want to fall in love with a piece that is too large or too small for your living room.

3. Curate decorative items

An aesthetic sense is something that a few people happen to be born with. And as for others like us, you may not get the decor of your home right at one go, however, with a little bit of trial and error, you can find the right assortment of decorative objects that strike the right balance in your home. Additionally, you can look for inspiration from magazines and interior design stores and notice how things are arranged in carefully thought out groups rather than just placed randomly. Also, buy decorative items that mean something to you, speak about your taste and personality.

4. Add layers

Layering a room is fundamental to comfort and visual warmth. For instance, look at the room above, and you’ll notice that a fluffy area rug is layered over the room’s main carpet; drapes layer the windows; a throw blanket layers the side of a seat – These decor elements add layers to the room, making it look decorated tastefully. While considering these layers think of choosing different fabrics and textures—think velvet cushions, silk curtains, and an extravagant area floor rug. Go from blah to lovely by layering your room today!

5. Infuse black

Regardless of what your taste is you should incorporate a splash of black in the interiors. Why? Because black lends a sense of depth and personality to a room like no other color can. It can be as simple as pictures in dark frames, or a black graphic artwork – it doesn’t matter where you use this color, as long as you give it some place.

6. Create a vignette

A vignette is a group of decorative elements or furniture. You can make a vignette by grouping wall art on your wall, or gathering decorative elements on a table or group chairs to make conversational seating. By arranging things this way, you create spots for the eye to stop and relax. Try arranging some of your favorite pieces on the coffee table, or create a focal point in the dining table with some fresh flowers.

7. Leave your signature

There is nothing more terrible than a home that doesn’t speak of its owner’s tastes, interests, and hobbies. In case you love color, infuse color in the form of cushions, linens, and wallpaper. If you love music then think of wall art that reflects your love for music.

8. Take a picture and assess it

Many find this hack really useful: Taking a photo of your room helps you see the place from a neutral point. So, click a picture and take a hard look at what are the things that need to be changed or fixed in your room.

And don’t forget to have loads of fun doing all of this!