Restore Order: 9 Living Room Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easy

Last updated on October 12th, 2021

Finding storage is never easy. This is true, especially in the case of the living room, where you need to strike a balance between formality and comfort. This means, you need to keep all those blankets, throw pillows, and rugs handy for a movie night, while on the other, you require a space to tuck them away when guests come by. And, since, the living room is filled with big furniture pieces like sofa, center table, and media unit, finding a spot to store them all in can be quite overwhelming.

But don’t you worry, we’ve got your back. From recycling non-traditional pieces to freestanding pieces – we have curated 9 clever living room storage ideas that will up your organizing game.

1. Recycle Non-Traditional Furniture

Probably the easiest and simplest way to add storage in the living room – recycle an old piece of furniture to increase its storage capacity. Give it a fresh coat of paint to refresh the piece and use it to store all the living room essentials. For instance, in the above picture, the designer has transformed an old dresser into a new living room storage unit.

2. Glass Door to Keep Things Transparent

Looking for a display cum storage unit for your living room? Ditch the conventional storage unit and opt for a glass door cabinet to stow away books, magazines, DVDs, and more. The glass door makes it easier to find things placed inside the cabinet. However, don’t overcrowd the cabinet, as the glass door acts as a frame for the stored items. Hence, give the items breathing space.

3. Freestanding Storage

Take advantage of the blank wall in the living room to build a freestanding storage unit. In case you have enough wall space, then build two identical freestanding storage units to create a modular look. Additionally, you can also paint the drawers in soft, contrasting colors, for an interesting look.

4. Build a Window Nook

If you are a book lover, then in all likelihood, your home is brimming with innumerable books scattered around. Restore order in your living room by utilizing a window nook to create a cozy sitting area with storage. In case you don’t want to spend much on the nook, place a console table beneath the window and team it up with some throw pillows to create a soothing reading corner. Use the space beneath the table to place storage boxes.

5. Vintage Storage Trunk to the Rescue

Chances are you have one of those old trunks lying idle in the storeroom. Refresh it with a fresh coat of paint and use it as a center table in the living room. And the best part of using a trunk as a table is that you get plenty of space to store all your living room essentials.

6. Look For Hidden Spaces

If you think that sliding doors are only used to divide a room, think again! Instead of a conventional door, use a sliding door on a wall-to-wall cabinet. Now, blend the cabinet into the living room by camouflaging it with the wall paint or wallpaper. This way, you will be able to conceal the cabinet without much of an effort.

7. Blend the TV

Your beautifully decorated living room might not just look the same with a humongous TV on the wall! Instead of wall mounting, opt for an entertainment unit, that can house the TV. The entertainment unit will not only increase the storage capacity of the room, but the TV will also look like a part of the modular unit, creating a unified look throughout the living room.

8. Go Vertical

If you have exhausted all possible storage options in the living room, try this: Take advantage of the high ceiling to introduce subtle storage in the living room. Install a running shelf along the ceiling of the room to add storage. Additionally, you can also create the illusion of a lower ceiling by painting the shelf in a different shade.

9. Hideaway Storage

Another clever way to introduce storage in the living room: Build two identical floor-to-ceiling closets without hampering the feeling of space in the room. Opt for push-to-open cabinet doors for a seamless look. Additionally, paint the cabinet in neutral shades to maintain the illusion of space.