Time To Unload: 8 Signs Your Space Is Drowning In Clutter!

Last updated on November 21st, 2023

Clutter has a way of making itself comfortable in tight spaces. And we have to agree, there is always a place for a few more tops if we squeeze back the hangers, or pile up extra containers on top of each other.

However, when your containers start toppling down on your head, or your clothes trail out of your shelves like the tentacles of an octopus, you know something needs to be done. And the answer isn’t more storage space! Truth is rarely palatable and you may protest, but hey, some of the stuff will have to go. Let’s check out if you need to downsize your clutter.

1. You haven’t seen your favorite top in ages

No, your maid doesn’t have sticky fingers. It’s probably hidden under the pile of stuff that seems to be increasing by the day. So what’s one to do?

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2. The duplicate solution

When your kitchen isn’t organized, looking for your pizza cutter or knife can be frustrating. And you don’t have time to hunt for the missing items. Buying another set is a sensible solution. Or so you think.

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If you take the time to organize your drawers, you will probably find not one but two vegetable peelers with tags on. Sigh. If this goes on, you can probably open a shopping outlet.

3. You avoid extra cleaning

Face it. No one loves household chores. Monica Geller is an exception. However, if the thought of it makes you want to puke, you may have issues.

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Take it a step at a time. Make a list of things you need to tackle. Then address them one at a time and tick them off the list.

4. The wrong thing in the wrong place

We agree. You are pressed for time as you have a tight schedule. And dumping your keys and your child’s project report where you find space isn’t going to help. You will end up spending hours hunting for stuff and feel like weeping during the process.

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It doesn’t take much to put the keys on your console in the foyer, or your kid’s stuff on their study table. So, save time and put things in their place!

5. Your surfaces are full of stuff

Stuff can take over your life before you know it. But when there is no room on your tables or your sofa, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

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While it may seem a gargantuan task, clearing your stuff isn’t that difficult. Take it a step at a time. Keep the things that really matter and dispose of the rest.

6. When junk takes over

Carry bags, used gift wrapping paper, shoes that pinch and the tarnished purse are some of the stuff that ends up in junk storage as “you may need it someday.” Well, you know it and we know it, it is just going to keep piling up.

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Toss away the junk. You can use the space for stuff that matters.

7. Expired stuff

Our pantry is full of it, and so is the fridge. The medicine cabinet often falls prey to this menace too.

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Rip of the band. Pile up stuff that is past the expiry date and trash them pronto!

8. You frown the minute you enter your house

We all want a pleasing environment when we get back home. What’s more, turning a blind eye doesn’t help.

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You know it, and your trash knows it. It is ruling the roost. Get into the driver’s seat now!

Summing up

Decluttering isn’t as difficult as it sounds if you don’t try to tackle all of it in one go. A step at a time is the way to go. For more articles on decluttering and organizing, check out homebliss.in.