16 Small Balcony Decor Ideas You Must Try!

Last updated on February 19th, 2022

The balconies in modern concrete homes are our only interface with nature and the outdoors. And more often than not, we end up not taking full advantage of the décor possibilities that they present us with! Well, it’s about time we changed that!

Here are 16 balcony décor ideas that you’d definitely want to try out in your space back home!

1. A Cozy Enclosed Sit-Out 

1 (1)Courtesy: myfeed.info

2. An Arrangement Using Crates

2 (1)Courtesy: stylemotivation

3. A Daybed In The Balcony

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACourtesy: vashdom.tut.by

4. A Perfect Romantic Getaway. Wine Anyone?

4 (1)Courtesy: samstroy.com

5. Statement Seating-cum-Storage

5 (1)Courtesy: INT2architecture

6. A Garden On Shelves

6 (1)Courtesy: hrelooking.fr

7. A sophisticated Space To Entertain Guests In

7Courtesy: 100interiordesign.com

8. A Strategically Placed Swing Chair

8 (1)Courtesy: oooarsenal.ru

9. A Dream Work Station  

9Courtesy: Design project of the balcony

10. A Balcony With A Fireplace

10Courtesy: oooarsenal.ru

11. A Quirky Workspace

11Courtesy: Yandex

12. A Statement Setting

13 (1)Courtesy: newdom.mirtesen.ru

13. Say It With Green

14 (1)Courtesy:SGhomemaher.com

14. Make It Rustic

15 (1)Courtesy: tredyclub.org

15. Set Up An L-Shaped Bench Seating

16 (1)Courtesy: spirossoulis

16. Go Vertical With Greenery 

17Courtesy: Little Girls Bedroom

Happy decorating, folks!