12 Stunning Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

Last updated on October 9th, 2020

Wallpapers can transform a space instantly, almost as if with a magic wand! This unique decor element can add a big visual punch to your home without costing you a fortune on a makeover. But owing to the transformation they tend to bring to a space, you need to have a clear idea about what kind of an impact you want and what you don’t.

Here are 12 very different and impactful wallpaper ideas that should be a good place for you to start!

1.  How about creating the illusion of space with a Transitional Wallpaper like this one? Stunning, isn’t it?

Courtesy: janenelsonpr.co.uk

2.  If you love patterns, then you have many wallpapers in geometric patterns to choose from, just like this one. They can elevate the visual interest in any setting, just like that.

Courtesy: Benishop

3.  Want to get some woodwork done without spending a fortune? Try wallpapers in wooden finishes. They’ll give the same plush appearance at a fraction of the cost.

Courtesy: interior.callstevens

4.  You could decide to get quirky with a timeless Vintage Wallpaper like this one, adding unmistakable drama to your interiors!

Courtesy: E-Architect.co.uk

5. How about subtly letting your tech-savvy personality reflect in a wallpaper like this one, with what looks like computer circuitry!

Courtesy: Curiousmind.club

6. Or adding a luxe factor to your living room with a touch of gold on your walls?

Courtesy: Dwigallery

7.  Who said you need ample space to build a library? Create one with a Library-Themed Wallpaper like this one.

Courtesy: Dwigallery

8. Notice how the Veneer-Patterned 3D wallpaper enhances the visual appeal of this otherwise dull setting?

Courtesy: Yandex

9. Wallpapers in a metallic finish can add opulence to any neutral setting.

Courtesy: Designerdreamhomes-ru

10. The Grunge look of the wallpaper beautifully offsets the bright couch here. Don’t you think?

Courtesy: Glubdubs

11. You can also think of bringing your walls alive with life-like 3D wallpapers like this one.

Courtesy: Dwigallery

12. Or bring on the effect of stone cladding without having to spend as much, with a 3D stone wallpaper like this one.

Courtesy: Awanshop