Find Out What Feng Shui Says About The Mirrors In Your Home

Last updated on March 14th, 2022

There’s just something about mirrors, isn’t there?
They don’t just have the power to tell you how beautiful you look but are also capable of instantly beautifying any space that they occupy.

What’s more, as per the age-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, mirrors have the property of reflecting and multiplying things in our home, and using them around the house shouldn’t be considered lightly. In fact, Feng Shui experts say that when we hang a mirror, we should connect it to an intention, like expanding opportunities in our life.
So, if you’re wondering if the mirrors you have in your home have been placed correctly and are bringing in prosperity and sending out bad vibes, read on!

Mirrors perpendicular to your front door

Feng Shui experts recommend that mirrors near your main door be placed on a wall perpendicular to it and not directly across from it. How is yours placed?

Mirrors in your hallway

Mirrors in the hallway are a good thing. But when they’re placed at the end of a hallway, they tend to slow the flow of energy down.

Mirrors in your dining room

If you’ve hung mirrors in the dining space of your home, pat yourself on the back, as the dining area represents the capacity of a family to hold wealth, and reflecting it against a mirror is believed to increase prosperity in the home.

Mirrors in your kitchen

Placing mirrors in the kitchen is a bad idea as per Feng Shui as it breeds negative energy. So, if you’ve been planning on a mirrored backsplash, you might want to give the idea some more thought.

Mirrors near your desk

A mirror facing your workspace or desk will effectively double your workload and isn’t a good idea. Also, being distracted with your own reflection constantly as you work, doesn’t seem like a great idea anyway!

Mirrors in your living room

Mirrors in the living area are a great idea and by doubling the number of people present, they make gatherings feel more special. But if you have negative people coming over often, they can also amplify the negative energy in your space. So, be careful who you let in.

A few more mirror Do’s and Don’ts

1. Avoid placing mirrors above beds, sofas, and chairs

Feng Shui gives a lot of importance to the feeling of safety and security and warns against the idea of hanging mirrors over furniture like beds, chairs, and sofas where people sitting might feel worried about something heavy hanging over their heads.

2. Be careful with mirrors in the bedroom

It’s generally not a good idea to hang mirrors in the bedroom where you can see them as you sleep. But opinions are divided on this. Some people believe that mirrors have the ability to activate the energy in a room and help you sleep soundly while many others advise against having mirrors around as you sleep. It’s a good idea then, to hang a mirror inside your closet door. But remember, if you want to place a mirror on your closet door, make sure it stays organized as mirrors will double what they project.

3. Double anything you want

Because mirrors reflect, they can be placed around the house to invite specific energies or to double what you want to amplify. But you need to be careful as to what they reflect. A beautiful view is a good idea, but not a pile of unpaid bills.

4. Keep mirrors far from the toilet

In the bathroom, it’s better to avoid hanging a mirror across from the door or the toilet.

5. Avoid these mirrors

From a Feng Shui perspective, choose smooth mirrors that have a flat, convex, or concave shape. Mirrors that are chipped, broken, or cloudy or ones that reflect distorted images are best avoided. You can also avoid grouping small mirrors together and use one continuous piece of glass instead.

Have fun turning your space into one that you adore!