DesignWise: What Is Millennial Style Of Design?

Last updated on April 17th, 2023

Emerging trends may drive millennials, but they also believe in pushing the envelope. In their search for perfection, they don’t mind spending time and money as long as they have a home that reflects their identity.

Rustic themes, rough surfaces, and natural colors are popular with this generation. As a millennial, you may gravitate towards minimalism, a rebellion against ingrained design concepts followed by your parents.

The source of inspiration is a major factor. While the older generations found it in magazines, millennials have unlimited design options thanks to the internet. So, what are the basic tenets of the millennial design style? Let’s check them out.

Rewriting the design script

For millennials, it’s about wanting to put your unique stamp on your space. That means dabbling with tailored furniture, vintage furniture, and other interesting decorative elements in their homes.

This trend leans towards the ‘less is more’ approach when home design. Spaces with hoarding objects and furniture are not preferred; a simpler design with a personalized touch is more desirable.

A love for the unique

If the piece complements the style statement, millennials don’t mind going the extra mile to achieve it. This means shying away from generic home décor ideas that are replicated in most homes. Rustic elements, materials sourced from nature, and rough textures are the favorites.

Moving away from the traditional home décor themes of the older generation, multi-functional furniture, be it pullout stools under the coffee table, storage bins, and pull-down dining tables in shelving units, is preferred. And, let’s face it, with umpteen ideas available on the net, the sky is the limit.

Color bonanza

Millennials don’t let the dictates of trends guide their choices. This can mean a pop of color in the artwork, the kitchen backsplash, or even their bathroom shower heads. And if they happen to chance on a lime green pedestal sink, all the better.

As far as kitchen appliances are concerned, dark matte finish products find favor with them. When you are on a diet of Instagram and Pinterest feeds, the world is your oyster!

A play of contrasts

While rustic elements such as stone and wood are favorites, dramatic lighting is a popular way to add color to their décor. Born in the digital era, this generation reveres technology. Paradoxically, they are charmed by antiques and artisan elements for a curated look. In short, it’s a marriage of rustic barn doors and sleek metal appliances.

Where the twain shall meet

One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the need for extra storage and organized space. While the kitchens have built-in storage systems tailored to house pots and pans, knives, and spoons, millennials have innovative cabinets that can be lowered at a button. It’s a happy mix of practical solutions and rustic elements. These technological innovations are perfect for small spaces, common in most urban setups.

It’s exciting; it’s quirky

Fascinating elements are a part of millennial décor. Their design philosophy seems to say, why choose one style when you can dabble with several? There is no single word that can define their take on interior design.

That leaves the field open for quirky pieces that fit seamlessly into their décor. And if they don’t, it doesn’t make a difference, as it mirrors a unique style statement.

It’s about sustainability too

Green is in. And millennials want to put their best foot forward to save the planet. This means reclaimed wood, bamboo, cork, and natural fibers such as jute or coconut. Funky furniture made from bamboo or old tree trunks will find a home with this generation.

Final thoughts

Millennial-style design is an adventure of sorts. And why rush this exciting journey? The best way to get the look you want is to browse the net and hunt for unique pieces in your grandpa’s attic or at the flea market. When all else fails, we will tell you what suits you best. We are good at that. Log into and find out more.