Scandinavian Lighting Tricks To Add A Soft Glow To Your Home

Last updated on March 23rd, 2021

Décor styles may come and go, however, there is one minimalist style that will never go out of trend – Scandinavian decor. As opposed to spartan spaces, Scandinavian interiors use a mix of textures, contrasts, and delicate colors to make them feel warm and welcoming. But, above all, lighting is a key element in Scandinavian décor, that makes a big impact. That’s because Nordic countries encounter biting winters and get only seven hours of daylight during that time.

Scandinavians have an unmistakable way of lighting their homes. Their soft lighting technique exudes a feeling of warm comfort. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of Scandinavian lighting ideas that can lend an exceptionally Nordic feel to any home. Here are a few of them, curated just for you!

1. Light Some Candles

Nordic people love lighting candles. Candles make a warm, flickering light which creates a feeling of life and energy. There are different ways to harness the warm energy of candles in your home. For instance, using glass candle holders increases the illumination of candles and the glass gets filled with the light of the flame and expands it, casting a warm glow around it. You can even consider using LED candles for the same effect, without the added stress of starting an accidental fire.

2. Limit Overhead Lighting

Mood lighting is of utmost importance in making a room cozily Scandinavian. And, nothing is less Scandi than harsh overhead lighting that makes you feel like you are being cross-examined! There are a couple of approaches to make your lighting more Scandinavian.
Use floor and table lamps rather than using overhead lighting, creating a beautiful union of light and shadows. You can also use hanging pendant lights to create a similar look, as long as they’re not very bright.

3. Use Fairy Lights

String lights open your room up to many creative possibilities. Brought out mostly during Christmas, string lights can be used in pretty much every room of the house to make a mystical, romantic or festive environment. While not useful for lighting up a room, in essence, fairy lights are an excellent way to give your home a touch of something unique, particularly when you’re organizing a party.

4. Let there be natural light

Scandinavian decor uses a lot of natural elements and sunlight plays an important role in acing the Scandinavian look. So, think of using sheer drapes to maximize the effect of light in your home.