6 Golden Rules Of Organizing

Last updated on October 6th, 2021

If you have a hectic life, then between balancing work, getting your kids to finish their homework, and managing your daily household chores, things in your home may seem to be getting out of hand, at times. And the only hope for you to organize your home is the upcoming weekend – that ONE day you wait so eagerly for.

While cleaning over the weekend may seem like the only doable option for you, we are here to tell you that it isn’t. You don’t need to waste your hard-earned weekend hours to get your home organized. In fact, a few simple organizing habits are all you need to keep your home neat and tidy! Now, before we begin, let us tell you that organizing your home doesn’t mean that it needs to look Pinterest-perfect (you know what we mean – spending on expensive, color-coordinated boxes and so on). In fact, most messes can be fixed with recycled containers and some basic labeling. Here are the 6 golden rules to help you organize your home to perfection!

1. Change your thought process

The first step to a supremely organized house is to let go of things that you don’t use anymore. Now, we understand that some of you may find it difficult to let go of things. But once you let go of an item, not only do you free up physical space in your home, but also get rid of inner clutter (as you don’t need to bother yourself with it anymore). You need to understand that organizing isn’t a one-day task, it is actually an ongoing process. It means you are never done with it. So, start with small steps, tackling one room at a time.

2. Divide and rule

For the second rule, you will require a staging area and four empty boxes (you can also use reusable bags and laundry baskets). Now, start by labeling each box in the following order: donate, scrap, recycle and keep. Once you have the boxes in place, start putting things into them accordingly. This process will help you have a clear idea of the junk that you have been hoarding all these years, identify the things that you no longer need but which are in good condition (they go in the ‘donate box’), and the items that you actually need.

3. Organize like with like

Now that you have already thrown away the junk, you will find yourself staring at a box filled with keepers. It is time to transfer the items in the ‘keep’ box to their designated spots. Store like items together – for instance, put all the electrical cords and chargers in one place, stationary like pencils, binders clips, in another and so on.

4. Get creative with containers

Having divided the keepers into useful sub-categories, it is time to sort them further into containers. Get creative with containers! Make use of small containers like mason jars, jewelry boxes etc. to stow away tiny items; and large boxes like shoe boxes and shipping containers to store large items.

5. Label the boxes

Labeling is one of the key rules of getting your home organized. Use a permanent marker or printed labels to mark your boxes. This will help you find items easily. As long as you return the items to their place, your home will stay organized for a long time.

6. Keep a Junk-drawer

Okay, so here’s a secret: even the most organized person keeps a junk drawer. And no, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just remember to make it work better with a drawer organizer.