Tips and Tricks – These 5 Ideas Will Make Your Entryway Hard To Ignore

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022

The entryway is the first thing that our guests notice. And strangely enough, that’s the last thing we think of, when it comes to home décor. In fact, most of us don’t even bat an eyelid when we see shoes strewn about or bare walls devoid of any decor around our entryway. Let’s change that, shall we?

feature 2-interiorphoto.ruCourtesy: fs-webdesign

 Here are 5 easy-to-implement changes you can make to your entryway and make that first impression on your guests count!

1.  Give It A Storage Bench And Some Shelves

entryway furniture ideasCourtesy:Ypublico

Ok. Let’s start with the no-shoes-strewn-about-rule. Next, add a storage cum seating bench that will serve two purposes – storage for household bric-a brac and for people to sit and remove their shoes.  Finally add a couple of cushions and other small things to add some intentionally casual décor.

2. Install A Wall Unit To Make The Most Of The Space.

2.make use most of the wall spaceCourtesy: Design Trends

Use your foyer wall to install shelves. Use them for storage with jute baskets and to display some nice-looking miscellanea to impress your guests with!

3. Get Fancy Door-Knobs And Drawer-Pulls And Create Artsy


Hangers in the entryway are important. Make them count as décor elements by switching boring ones with interesting door-knobs and drawer-pulls and scatter a few matching accessories to pull all the elements together into a theme.

4. Invest In A Chalkboard

5.entryway_chalkboard_calendarCourtesy: Bob Vila

Chalkboard is quite in as a décor element. Get one, and get creative with it!

5. Have Mirrors, Mirrors Everywhere

Courtesy: johntavaglioneforcongress

Mirrors create an illusion of an expansive space and double the impact of anything beautiful that reflects off them. Place them strategically in your entryway and see the place transforming in front of your own eyes!

Have fun bringing these ideas to life in your home!