6 Evergreen Accent Pieces Interior Designers Swear By

Last updated on September 12th, 2023

It’s the little things that make a big difference in home design. How you arrange your furniture and what colors you use are vital for perfect decor. And yet, giving your decor a professional touch seems next to impossible. But is it as difficult as it seems? A look at some of the tricks of the trade may well give you the desired effect.

Much like us, interior designers also have their favorites. And introducing these items in your decor may just tip the scales in your favor. So, what’s the secret? Let’s look at six accent pieces highly recommended by designers.

1. Light Fixtures that Make a Statement


Why settle for less when you can get more? You will find a vast range of interesting light fixtures in the market. True, any light fixture will serve the purpose. However, to take your decor to the next level, hunt for a standout light fixture. A gorgeous light fitting will not only illuminate the space but also add aesthetic appeal to your decor. So take your time and choose wisely.

2. Old-world Charm with a Classy Chest

A chest is not only a functional piece of furniture, but it also adds to the aesthetic of a room. It can be easily moved around, providing a new and different look each time.

Bored with your dated wooden affair? Splash some paint on it. For vintage appeal, add bronze handles for a bit of drama. Dress it up with lamps and plants to amp up the look. It’s no wonder that this furniture piece has stood the test of time.

3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors reflect light and are perfect when you want to make your home look bigger. You can take a no-nonsense approach with a simple frame or go wild with intrinsic metal frames to add class to your decor. A freestanding mirror adds an interesting twist to the decor. Wall-mounted affairs look best in the foyer or on top of the console.

4. Rattan for Texture

Rattan was all the rage in the early 1970s. But then, who can resist the charm of these woven wonders? Home decor is all about color, texture, and style. Rattan ticks all the boxes with aplomb and adds an interesting element to a staid decor.

So, what are your options? Wooden chairs with rattan weaving are a great pick. Wicker baskets, stools, or tables are interesting choices too. But moderation is key if you want your decor to get the full impact of this interesting element.

5. Quirky Chairs and Tables

Let’s face it. There are chairs, and there are chairs. To get a designer vibe in your home, patience is the key. It’s only when you dig deep that you find furniture worthy of gracing your decor. Try to look for pieces that you don’t commonly see in stores or at your friends’ homes. An awe-worthy piece is worth its weight in gold when you see your friend’s jaw drop. An added plus is the chance to tell your friends how you got your hands on it!

6. Vignettes are the Perfect Dressing

Vignettes add class to your decor. Make sure your vignette looks good enough to make it to the center spread of popular design magazines. And hey, you don’t need to stick to the same stuff. You can play around with your add-ons for a new look when it pleases you. Your options? Fresh flowers, cacti, candles, pine cones, and candle stands. In short, everything but the kitchen sink!

Summing Up

If you love to have beautiful things around you, chances are that you spend a lot of time browsing home design websites for new looks to experiment with. Once you take in the little details, you will have a better understanding of what makes the decor click. When it comes to home design websites, Homebliss.in stands tall amongst its brethren and has enough material to give your home a top-notch look. Log in and find out.