A Few Wellness Must-haves Your Home Needs Urgently

Last updated on December 17th, 2021

The pandemic has changed us all. But while it did turn our lives upside down, it also gave our rather upside-down notion about many things in life, a much-needed shake. And while we’ve been trying to adjust to the new normal in the world, we’ve learned that it’s important to invest in our health and well-being, on a regular basis.

Now, we know that healthy food, good sleep, and exercise are crucial for our wellness. But what about the one place that we spend our maximum amount of time in? Is it well-equipped to take us along on this route to good health?

On that note, here’re five things your home – your private haven – must have, to help you unwind, relax, and recharge.

1. Plants, and some more plants

Did you know that the simple act of watering your plants has immense therapeutic value and can instantly improve your mood? Plants and flowers are calming to the senses and the mind. Surround yourself with them!

An apartment dweller? No problem. Use the space in your window-sills and balconies. Line them up with your favorite plants in pretty pots and make even the cloudiest days, seem just a little bit brighter!

2. Candles, essential oils, and potpourri

It isn’t a coincidence that certain aromas have a direct impact on our moods and health. And, let’s admit it, who doesn’t like a great-smelling home! So, make it an evening routine to light up your room with a few candles in your favorite scents, like lavender, bergamot, or chamomile, or place potpourri scented with these essential oils around the house in ornate bowls and breathe in your favorite scents wafting around you as you curl up on the couch, to unwind after a long day.

3. A little help from technology: Air purifiers

The air we breathe today might look clean but is far from clean.  

It isn’t a bad idea then, to get an air purifier for your home to make sure you take in cleaner, more breathable air that’s good for your mind and body alike. The purifier won’t just help keep allergens at bay, keeping everyone healthier but also lift the ambiance of your space instantly.

4. A cup of tea

A relaxing evening seems almost impossible without a cup of tea, right? You can make it even better by making yours caffeine-free. Add to it some lemon, ginger, or mint and you have yourself a calming drink that cleanses your body too.

Brew your own cup of relaxation with just 5-10 minutes of your time and a few ingredients from your pantry. And of course, a couple of recipes off the internet.

5. The right lighting

Exposure to the right light at the right hour can do wonders for the wellness of our body and mind and it’s important to ensure that we limit that exposure, as per the body’s circadian rhythm.

Getting a good dose of sunlight in the morning hours doesn’t just help maintain the body’s Vitamin D levels, but also has a direct impact on our moods and mental well-being. Working in a well-lit and ventilated space throughout the day is just as important. But as the sun begins to set, the lights around us need to be dimmed too, to help our body wind down and get ready for a night of sleep. Think dark curtains, dimmers, and staying well away from gadgets!