6 Natural Ways To Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep!

Last updated on March 2nd, 2022

With our busy schedules, increasing work pressure and erratic eating habits, life today, is far from simple. And one of the important elements of a healthy life – a restful night’s sleep, goes right out the window as a result.

How do we restore this all-critical element of life to normalcy? Here are 6 sure-shot ways you can try!

1. A Relaxing Shower

No matter how tired you are, ensure you take a warm shower before bed, ensuring the water is warm and not hot. Experts say that a warm shower in the evening doesn’t just freshen you up, but can help you fall asleep effortlessly.

2. Exercise In The Morning



Daily exercise is important to ensure that you sleep well at night. But remember not to work out just before going to sleep, as it might keep you awake.

3. A Peaceful Bedroom



The environment that you sleep in, plays an important role in your sleep. Your bedroom must be calm and emanate positive vibes.

4. Yoga



Yoga nurtures your body inside out. This Indian way of a healthy lifestyle heals your body holistically with its simple breathing-in and out methods. Try it and you’ll never find yourself complaining of small aches and pains or a lack of sleep again.

5. No Late-night Dinners Or Caffeine



This happens to be quite a well-known but oft-ignored fact that late-night dinners and caffeine can hinder sound sleep. It’s best to have an early dinner and avoid alcohol and caffeine late in the evening, before bed.

6. No Gadgets Before Bedtime

If you often use your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, right before you go to bed, then you are preventing yourself from getting restful sleep. The blue light emanating from these gadgets prevents the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. This is something you’ll need to stop right away!

Sleep well, everyone!