Get The Right Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Last updated on March 8th, 2022

Designing your kitchen from scratch can be as arduous a task as it is fun. Let’s see if we can make it a little simpler for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning and designing your (dream) kitchen cabinets.

1. Plan A Budget

Planning on how much money you want to invest in the kitchen cabinets should be one of the first things you should determine. If your budget is limited, you would need to look for affordable cabinets that are cost-effective, yet functional.

2. Keep The Kitchen Design In Mind

When choosing cabinets, it is important that you keep the kitchen design and layout in mind so that the cabinets are designed in such a way that they make optimal use of the kitchen area.

3. How Long Are They Going To Be In Use?

Before you venture into planning your cabinets, determine how long you are going to be using them. If you plan to use them for long, then it is imperative that you ensure that quality and durability are factored into your plans. But if you are designing a kitchen for a home that you intend to sell, then you can make sure the designs are cost-effective and functional.

4. Focus On Storage

Make sure your cabinets give you ample storage space. Also, keep convenience in mind when designing them. You would need separate storage for items that you will use every day and a separate one for things you would use occasionally.

5. Make Sure The Shutters Are Strong

The shutters of the cabinets need to be strong. You will need to look for a solid-wood frame surrounding a plywood or solid wood panel. If you know that your cabinets will be exposed to moisture on a regular basis, make sure you don’t use particle-board for the shutters.

6. Get Durable Drawers

The drawers in your kitchen will need to be sturdy and strong as they will be used quite often. Choose drawers with solid-wood sides and a plywood bottom. Avoid drawers made with particleboard as they aren’t durable. You can choose drawers with a soft-close feature that will make everyday use comfortable and convenient.

7. Make Sure The Shelves Are Sturdy On The Inside

Make sure your cabinets are as strong as they are nice looking. Look for shelves that are ¾ inch thick. Anything less than this will make them sag over time. They will need to be thick enough to can carry the load that you will place on them.

8. Make Sure The Hardware Is Durable

While you should focus on the exteriors of your cabinets and make sure they are pleasing to the eye, it is quite important that you select durable and functional hardware for the cabinets. Strong and sturdy hardware will not just make using the cabinets easy, it will also make sure they last long without much maintenance.

9. Play With Designs And Colors

You can choose your kitchen cabinets from a wide variety of colors and materials to give your kitchen an elegant look. You can opt for neutral shades if you prefer a more understated look, or play with a couple of complementing colors to give it a fresh appeal.

Here’s wishing that you start cooking in your dream kitchen, real soon!