Sleep Matters: Foam Vs Spring

Last updated on March 10th, 2023

All we want to do after a long and tiring day is to plop on the bed and call it a day. The quality of the mattress or what it is stuffed with is the last thing on our minds. However, the type of mattress you use matters in the long run. It’s not only about durability but also comfort and back support.

A mattress that warps can cause damage to the spine. So, what type of mattress should you look for, foam or spring? Let’s find out.

What are Spring Mattresses?

The first spring mattress was invented in 1871 and made its way to Harrod’s soon after. Over the years, the spring mattress has evolved. Today you can get steel or metal springs in your mattress, depending on how much bounce you want. So, what are the different kinds of spring mattresses?

Bonell spring type

These mattresses are made using hourglass springs connected by metal wires so they can’t move independently. This makes the mattress firm and gives the needed support to people who toss and turn in their sleep.

The coil spring version

The term coil spring was used to describe traditional spring mattresses. Today implies pocket spring mattresses.

The pocket spring style

This is one of the most common types of spring mattresses. As each spring has its pocket, the bed is consistent in firmness and body support.

The double spring for added bounce

For added elasticity and bounce, a mix of lower and upper springs are inserted in the making of this mattress.

What are Foam Mattresses?

These mattresses are made solely from foam. Foam mattresses can vary in style and material, but by and large, they are great for body-conforming and relieving pressure. The three main types are:

Memory foam

Made from polyurethane, these mattresses are gaining popularity for their therapeutic advantages as they mold themselves to the shape of the body.

Latex foam mattresses

Made from latex, a milky substance sourced from the sap of rubber trees, these natural mattresses are of two types – the Dunlop and the Talalay latex. For firmer and denser support, the Dunlop mattress is a better bet.

Polyurethane foam mattresses

Sometimes called polyfoam, these mattresses are made from petroleum compounds like isocyanates and polyol.

So, What’s It to Be: Spring or Foam?

To make an informed decision, let’s examine how these two mattress types stand up to the following factors:

The Question of Durability and Maintenance

Beds are made for sleeping in, and your mattress will have to withstand some pressure, depending on your weight. While it’s easy to think that coil mattresses will fare better, the coils may break or lose flexibility faster than the foam version.

How do spring mattresses rate?

When compared to foam, spring mattresses are high-maintenance. So, how do you take care of your spring mattress?

  • Avoid folding or bending your mattress to avoid spring breakage.

  • To minimize sagging, it’s best to rotate your mattress from head to foot every 4-6 weeks. This will even out the pressure on the mattress. If your mattress is double-sided, you might want to flip it over too.

How do foam mattresses rate?

These mattresses don’t break easily. This is especially true for high-density foam such as Dunlop. They can last as long as 10-15 years, and if you maintain them well, a lot more. While it may sound like a good idea, don’t keep them out in the sun.

The Question of Body Weight

How much load the mattress takes makes a lot of difference in longevity.

How do spring mattresses rate?

Spring mattresses tend to provide pushback support and retain shape even if there is excess weight.

How do foam mattresses rate?

People on the heavier side should go for spring mattresses as foam can sink due to body weight.

The Question of Cost

Spring mattresses are pocket friendly. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, are made of natural materials and can get pricey. However, it depends on the manufacturer and the type of mattress.

Final Thoughts

Foam and spring mattresses both have their pros and cons. At the end of the day, you need to decide what suits you best. But, once you get your mattress, do check out homebliss for bedroom-related décor tips and tricks. We are glad to help!