Idea File: 6 Ways To Plan A Contemporary Pooja Space In Your New Home

Last updated on December 9th, 2021

Most Indian homes have a sacred space dedicated to prayer and meditation – whether it’s in a traditional pooja room in an independent house or a small space dedicated to it in an apartment. But the layout of your home might not always allow you too much freedom to design an elaborate Pooja space. But that shouldn’t stop you from creating a quiet and spiritual space dedicated to the divine that looks as stunning as it looks peaceful.

Even if the space you have, to set up the Pooja space is small, you can enhance the décor with a beautifully wallpapered background or an accent wall, ornate bells hung from the ceiling, designer spot-lights, plants, and wall art.

Here are 6 elegant ideas that will help you plan yours to perfection!

1.  A Pooja room designed the contemporary way

If you are lucky enough to have the space for a dedicated Pooja room, you can design it with a mix of contemporary and traditional décor elements to keep the space looking contemporary, yet divine. With decorative doors, and elegant shelves for idols, lamps, and pictures, and good lighting you should be able to create the right vibe.

2. Pooja space on a wall

A pooja space doesn’t always have to be elaborate. A few floating shelves on a wall, arranged symmetrically with a small space to store your Pooja accessories, can make for a perfect pooja space. You can lend a calm vibe to the space with nice wallpaper or decals, traditional lamps, and the right lighting.

3. A wooden or marble pooja unit

You can also decide to choose from scores of intricately designed ready-made wooden or marble shelves available today. Just find a quiet space in your home for it and you’re all set!

4. As a part of the living room

Your pooja space can be an extension of your bedroom cupboard or the entertainment unit in the living room. This way your pooja space blends in seamlessly with the rest of your living space. You might prefer this if you aren’t someone who wants to wear your religious beliefs on your sleeve.

5. A dedicated space for divinity in a corner

You can convert a wall niche, a hallway, or an unused corner of your home into an elegantly designed pooja space. With a little creativity and thought, this space can be put into the best possible use and become the perfect spot in your home for you to offer your prayers.

6. A small area in the room

Designate a small area in one of the rooms separated by an elegant partition or divider. This gives the space its privacy and helps you turn any unused corner of a room into a space for divinity!

Have a good time finding the perfect space for divinity in your home!