Tired Of A Constantly Messy Home? Try Changing These 10 Habits!

Last updated on February 8th, 2023

We are creatures of habit. And while we love order in our lives, all we want to do when we get home is kick off our shoes and flop on the couch. After all, what’s a little mud on the rug? Not surprisingly, there are days when our bad habits come to bite us in the back.

Isn’t it time to take a step back and look at your lazy habits and messy surroundings to put your life back on track? Let’s check out these easy tips and tricks.

1. The bedroom floor isn’t the best place for dirty clothes!

Dirty clothes and underthings on the floor can be icky. It’s easy to kick them out of the way and turn a blind eye. So, what’s one to do?

Your answer: Invest in a laundry basket that adds to your bathroom décor. Toss in the dirty clothes, ready for washing day.

2. Trailing mud into your home

Be it your kid’s mud-caked shoes or your sandals. Footwear means dirt. And trailing it into the home is not the best idea. So, what are your options?

Your answer: Add a comfy bench in your foyer, next to a shoe cabinet so you can sit down, remove your shoes, and put them away before you enter your home.

3. Your pet has the run of the house

Pets can become unruly and spoilt, just like kids. And while it’s nice to cuddle up next to them when you watch TV, your couch takes the brunt of the slobber and the fur.

The answer: You can invest in a cute doggy bed for your pooch to cuddle up in. Also, spread an appealing throw on your couch.

4. You can’t resist picking up cooking sauces

It’s funny how our hidden cooking talents appear while we are shopping. And for most of us, the cooking bug bites the dust soon after. And no, the sauces aren’t going to cook themselves! So, what’s one to do?

The answer: For starters, resist the urge to pick up stuff unless you have concrete plans. Toss out the stuff that has expired and pass on the rest to friends who actually cook!

5. You can never find your cleaning products

You are faced with a mess of cleaning products in your kitchen cabinet. So, what are your options?

Your answer: A caddy is an ideal option for your cleaning products.

6. Clutter of old newspapers and books

Are old newspapers and books ruling the roost on your surfaces?

Your answer: A designated shelf or wicker basket should do the trick. Dispose of them before the month is out.

7. Leaving cleaning projects halfway

Sometimes the mood for a total clean-up fades when you see clothes you wanted to arrange scattered on the floor. more often than not, the mess is shoved back in, worse than it was before.

Your answer: Start small, and work one shelf at a time. you can tackle another shelf if you feel up to it.

8. Itchy fingers when shopping

You can’t resist picking up knick-knacks on your shopping trips. The result is a pile of collectibles you don’t know what to do with.

Your answer: segregate the stuff that you love from the riff-raff. The rest can go to the garbage bin or storage boxes.

9. A cluttered worktable

Files and empty coffee mugs clutter up our working space. The pile of junk grows and soon helplessness sets in. Your options?

Your answer: invest in an organizer for your clips, pens, and other sundries. A wickerwork or plastic tray can house your papers and files neatly.

10. Too tired to clean up before bed

Binge-watching TV serials and munching on snacks go hand-in-hand. Too tired to do anything, you head for the comfort of your bedroom leaving the mess behind. Sigh.

Your answer: Start winding up way before you feel tired. This way you have a clean space when you get up in the morning.


Life is a peach when you have a clutter-free, organized home. Once you savor the joy of this enchanting life, there will be no looking back!

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