Pre-Wash Checklist: 6 Must-Wash Items Before You Dive In

Last updated on August 29th, 2023

Oh, the joy of crisp new bed linen rubbing against your body! And what can be better than brand-new garments and their unique scent? Yes, stuff like new clothes, sheets, and crockery add spice to the tedium of regular living. And, face it, we all put on fresh garments from time to time without giving them a good wash.

This, however, raises uncomfortable questions. Is using a new product without washing it advisable? Experts think not. So, what should you wash and why? Let’s find out.

One: The Kitchen Stuff

A variety of products are used in the kitchen, including mugs, plates, cookware, and electric appliances. Since your food will be exposed to these items, it is vital to get the dust and grime off before use. Apart from dust, the packing material may contain harmful chemicals that your food could do without. And hey, it doesn’t take much time to give them a soapy rinse before you use them. This includes your blender jugs and bowls, too.

Two- Napkins, Towels, and Dish Clothes

It may seem unnecessary. However, these towels make a long journey from the manufacturing unit to the packing department and then to warehouses and store outlets. Enough time to pick up a medley of dust particles and germs. So, yes, do give them a spin in the washing machine before you use them. What’s more, napkins and towels don’t absorb as much water when they are new.

Three: The Bed Linen

You don’t give it a second thought before you spread out fresh linen on your bed. It’s not like anyone used it! And yet, your sheet may have a residue of harmful chemicals from the processing plant. The dirt that is collected during transportation is a whole new ballgame. Linen is housed in dirty warehouses that contain a variety of pathogens. Not something you want your skin to touch.

Four: Baby Care Products

Babies are susceptible to allergies, skin rashes, and a variety of other ailments. To top it all off, they are just discovering the world around them and love to put things in their mouths.

So, which are the items that you should give a thorough rinse before Junior handles them? Well, almost everything, including clothes, cotton diapers, pacifiers, toys, rattles, feeding bottles, etc. And while you are at it, clean the car seat, the stroller, and the playpen too, before you let your little one anywhere near them.

Five: Your Household Cleaning Tools

Say again? Yes, cleaning tools such as mops, microfiber wipe cloths, dusters, and kitchen scrub pads can also use a thorough cleaning before you use them. Think about it. These tools have been fashioned to collect dirt. So, it’s a given that they may have already collected a vast variety of pathogens before you bought them. But hey, wash microfiber cloths separately, or else the lint will clog your machinery.

Six- Your Garments

Apart from the grime and pollutants they pick up on the way from the manufacturing unit to the outlet, these clothes have been tried by several people before you. You may have noticed the pile of discarded clothes tossed on the changing room floor. Yes, the thought is enough to make one cringe! The same goes for leggings, sportswear, or undergarments. This can be troublesome for dry-clean-only clothes. However, it’s better to wear a clean garment rather than risk a skin infection from an unwashed garment.

Summing Up

Giving your new items a pre-wash isn’t going to take too much effort. And it’s worth the trouble. The trick is to put your new garments, sheets, and towels in the washer soon after you buy them. That way, you resist the urge to use them when you are pressed for time. is about exemplary home décor. And it’s also about making your life easier with cleaning hacks and ideas. Log in and find out more about what makes us one of the leading home décor brands today.