What To Do With Throw Pillows When You’re Using The Furniture They Live On

Last updated on May 13th, 2022

Are you often envious of the picturesque Pinterest images and have wondered if you can replicate some of those ideas back home? We are here to tell you that you can – with the right cushions and throw pillows.

Regardless of what type of home decor you choose, a good ensemble of pillows and cushions can put the whole look together. They make your spaces look fuller.

But when you need to use the space these cushions and throw pillows have been occupying all day (or night), where do you put them? Let’s find you some help!

Cut the quantity

Throwing too many pillows and cushions at one place can eat up too much space. Rather cut down the rows of cushions and make space to sit and sleep. Remove them and use them somewhere else. If you wish to use more than two rows, then cut down on the size of the fluff and instead alternate between a thin and thick row.

Carve out closet space

Work on your closet and make space for the nightly ritual of keeping pillows or cushions inside. Stuff them in the closet for the night, enjoy the space, and realign by morning.

Place them on side furniture

One of the best ways to put these throw pillows away from the main seating or your bed space is to have a set of two extra seating chairs or a single sofa where you can put them for the night. How about that bench next to your bed? Put it to good use and give your throw pillows a space to spend the night in!

Use a chest of drawers

A chest of drawers is a great option to keep aside extra pillows when they’re not in use. Not only do they stay organized that way, but they do not attract any dust and mites when they’re tucked away safely inside drawers, away from dust.

Wherever you put them, they should be clean and fresh. Pillows and cushions sure look like they can be stuffed anywhere, but if you keep stuffing them inside a closet or drawer, chances are you might change their shape, and the fluff inside will lose its shape. Appropriately placing them will ensure that they are easy to retrieve and continue to stay in good condition.

Giving throw pillows a home when they’re not in use will also make sure things don’t look cluttered.

Hope that helped! Happy decorating, everyone!