7 Surprising Things You Can Do With Old Pillows

Last updated on April 7th, 2022

Did you know that the normal life expectancy of a pillow is just about two years? And since we use it on a daily basis, pillows suffer a lot of wear and tear, and being so close to our face implies they can gather a considerable number of obnoxious things like saliva, skin oils, cosmetics, and dead skin cells!

Since we mostly replace our pillows quite often, that’s a considerable amount of waste generated. But you don’t really need to toss them away once they get old. There are plenty of ways to reuse and recycle your old pillows. Find out here.

1. Make rags

Open up your old pillow and expel the stuffing. Now, cut up the cover into square pieces and use them as rags that you can use for cleaning!

2. Stuff another pillow

Have a pillow that could use more stuffing? You can use stuffing from an old pillow that is ready to get thrown out. Simply remove the stuffing from the old pillow and put it inside one that could do with some fluffing up.

3. Secure a package

7 Surprising Things You Can Do With Old Pillows

Make use of the stuffing from an old pillow as packing material while shipping off fragile items. You could also stuff the entire cushion in the shipping box to protect the items inside if needed!

4. DIY Knee pads

Gardening requires a lot of work. Use an old pillow as a knee cushion while planting or doing other gardening tasks. Your knees will thank you, and you won’t need to spend any additional cash on a knee pad.

5. Make cushions

Just because those pillows got old, that doesn’t mean you need to throw them away! Use those old pillows to make  throw pillows and cushions.

6. Make a pet bed

Your furry friend needs a comfortable place to sit! However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on a pet bed. Make use of old pillows to create a comfy bed for your furry friend.

7. Give them away

Don’t throw away that old pillow. Your old one may still be in good shape. So, if you have really decided on throwing it away, consider giving your old pillow to your local NGOs or an animal shelter.

How to make your pillows last longer?

There are a couple of clever ways to increase the life expectancy of your pillows. The first is to purchase good pillows that hold their shape for a longer time. The second most effective thing you can do is use a pillow protector. These zippered cases go specifically on the cushion, underneath the pillowcase and are readily available in any local furnishing store. Using protectors will help you keep moisture and allergens away from getting inside the pillow, keeping it hygienic for longer. Last but not least, you can keep turning the pillow over to increase its life.

Happy snoozing, everyone!