Taurus? You Need To Know This Before You Decorate Your Home

Last updated on August 25th, 2021

Decorating a home can be an exciting task. It’s almost like having an empty canvas to paint on, with whatever catches your fancy! But while it is exciting, it can also be daunting to bring to life a space that doesn’t just appeal to your sensibilities but also manages to impress your visiting friends and family. 

Even for someone with exquisite design sense and an eye for fabulous décor, it is still far from an easy task. Yes, Taureans we’re talking about you!

If your sun sign Taurus you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few things every Taurean needs to know when they set out to decorate their home!

1. Don’t hold on to too much. Keep statement pieces.

You have a bit of a tendency to hold onto things, believing with all your heart that you can’t do without them, when, in reality, you can. It’s important you understand this about yourself and try not to give in to the urge to accumulate things. Get rid of clutter, focus on pieces that really inspire you, and use them to make a statement instead!

2. Focus on Comfort

Taureans seek comfort. In capital letters. You’ll naturally gravitate towards things that bring you comfort – like soft rugs, large furniture pieces, and satin sheets.  If it isn’t comfortable, you won’t be happy with it for long. It will help to keep this in mind, the next time you’re investing in a big-ticket item that looks fantastic but doesn’t score so well in the comfort department!

3. Embrace your earthy side

Stay true to your Earth-sign instincts and give in to your love for all the greens, browns, and other colors close to nature. Doing this ensures you feel most at home and in your element – surrounded by shades close to nature.

4. Keep your favorite room well-stocked!

If you’re a Taurean, you undoubtedly enjoy cooking up a storm (or two!) in the kitchen. So, as you invest time and thought into the other rooms of the home, make sure you don’t leave the kitchen out. It’s worth investing in quality appliances and plan on having a convenient and spacious pantry. And not to forget, copious amounts of seating space for you to be able to entertain folks!

5. Trust your gut

Taureans are gifted with an amazing knack when it comes to spotting beautiful things. So, while there are scores of websites touting the latest trends, don’t fall into the trap of trying to mimic what’s ‘in’. Trust your instincts and think about what you truly want. What you’ll be able to bring together with your décor sense, will be way better than any Pinterest-worthy online image. Just go by your gut!

6. You can be earthy AND glamorous!

While there’s this side to you that draws you to earthy colors and natural fabrics and materials, there’s also an unmistakable glamorous side to you. You can do justice to both these sides, without suppressing either of them, with a home that carries the feel of the earth, while also sporting that rich, exquisite touch, that you give to it.

7. Stay practical

You like spending on things that you like, even if they’re expensive. There’s absolutely no problem with that. Just ensure what you invest on is as practical as it is beautiful. In the end, if you like being surrounded by beautiful things, it’s worth making sure these items are useful too. So, whether they are unique furniture items, stunning storage baskets, or designer shelves – put them to good use!

8. It’s okay to be traditional

Taking the traditional route does in no way mean settling for something uninteresting. If you find yourself leaning into neutral palettes and simple setups, by all means – do. It’s your space after all, and the only right way to decorate it is – the one that’s closest to your heart! And there’s a reason classic and traditional styles are timeless and never quite out of vogue.

Happy decorating, Taurean!