13 Scandinavian Design Trends That Went Viral

Last updated on December 24th, 2021

Known for their functionality, simplicity, and stunning elegance, Scandinavian design trends have made their way into homes all around the world.

Let’s look at the 13 Swedish design trends that have taken the world by storm. See if you would like to incorporate any of them in your space.

1. Foldable Wooden Chairs

Courtesy: pinterest

Adding just the right amount of rustic charm without looking too worn, foldable wooden chairs fit in perfectly well in the simple, yet stylish Swedish décor.

2. Storage Pieces As Décor Elements

Courtesy: independent.co.uk

You’ve got to leave it to the Swedes to take something entirely functional and turn it into something absolutely chic. You can see this interesting trend in clothing racks, statement kitchen accessories, and even storage shelves and baskets. A trend completely worth imitating!

3. Copper Globe Lights

Courtesy: iconiclights.co.uk

Copper globe lights, a signature Scandinavian trend is popping up in homes everywhere. Have you got yourself one of those?

4. Blue Accents

Courtesy: decordots

The décor scene is seeing a slight change in the Scandinavian love for black, white, and wood, with shades of blue becoming a popular choice for accents.

5. Cacti

Courtesy: evermotion.org

The subdued Swedish monochromes get their dose of life and cheer from the plenty of succulents dotting the interiors. Another trend that has gained popularity across borders.

6. Feathers

Courtesy: homemagez

Scandinavian décor is about adding natural elements wherever possible. Feathers are seen extensively in their artwork, as motifs in various accessories and as a part of other design elements. As long as they are fake feathers, this can be quite a beautiful trend to take back home.

7. Graphic Calendars

Courtesy: homedesignideas.eu

The huge graphic Scandinavian calendars make one really think, why was the rest of the world using tiny ones until now?

8. Tech-Free Spaces

Courtesy: happygreylucky

Many Scandinavian homes are embracing the idea of ‘technology-free spaces’ in their bedrooms, which are spaces that use a soothing palette of whites and soft greys on the walls, linens and blankets with cozy natural textures and furniture comprising of rustic wood and are quite literally, an oasis of comfort and peace. Now, that’s one trend we all can surely benefit from!

9. Gray Walls

Courtesy: pinterest

Life isn’t all about just black and white. And that also holds true as far as the latest Swedish color palette goes. Scandinavian homes are seeing many shades of gray other than the usual blacks and whites adorning their walls. A trend we wouldn’t mind copying, wouldn’t you say?

10. Statement Paper Lanterns

Courtesy: decordots

Nordic folks are trying a slightly different take on traditional chandeliers, with giant, whimsical paper lanterns. Would you want to give this idea a try?

11. Slatted Walls

Courtesy: winsila

Turn your bedroom spa-like and serene or make your time there feel like you’re away holidaying in a cabin in the woods, with this latest Swedish décor trend – slatted walls.

12. Black And White Stripes

Courtesy: justhomeit

Currently a stunning and hugely popular Scandinavian trend, simple black and white stripes are finding their way in scores of homes across the globe making a classy statement in accessories like rugs, throws, and blankets.

13. Monochrome Art

Courtesy: saltandprinter

Another hot trend that the world has caught up on and not soon enough, is the Swedish love for Monochrome Artwork. With their love for simple and minimalistic designs and color palettes, this Swedish trend doesn’t really come as a surprise.

Happy decorating, peeps!