Staircase Vastu Tips You Need To Know About

Last updated on April 22nd, 2023

Vaastu is an ancient science of creating harmonious spaces by balancing the negative and positive energies in the structure. As Vaastu impacts your health, wealth, and peace of mind, you want to put your best foot forward for happiness in your home.

While we ensure most areas of the home are guided by Vaastu tenets, the staircase is often neglected. However, the type of staircase you have, and its direction can impact the energy field, just like the other areas of the home. So, what is the symbolism behind the staircase? And how does it affect the energy in your home? Let’s find out.

Why Vaastu is important for your staircase

Staircases play a functional role in a home. They are all about movement; if the placement isn’t Vaastu compliant, it can hamper your progress and negatively impact your well-being. As it can also drain the positive energy from your home, it’s best to rethink your staircase planning.

While these truths may be hard to swallow if you are a skeptic, there is no harm in adhering to the basic tenets of Vaastu for positive energy and the well-being of your family. So, what should you keep in mind before you plan a staircase?

Let’s take a look.

Avoid even numbers

Numerology will tell you numbers play a vital role in our lives. As per Vaastu, the number of steps on the staircase can make a drastic difference in your life. So, opt for odd numbers such as 17, 19, or 21.

The staircase should never end with a number that has a zero at the end. What is the logic behind this philosophy? Most people use their right foot to begin their climb. For positivity, your climb has to end on the right foot too. This won’t be possible if there are even numbers.

What about the internal staircase?

According to Vaastu experts, the southwest part of the house is the best place for your staircase. And hey, if you can’t swing it because of structural issues, you can opt for the second-best choices, South and West.

In such cases, make sure your staircase starts from the North and moves toward the South. Or it can start from the East and move towards the West. The center of your home is best avoided if you want to avert negative energy. It also bodes ill where health and finances are concerned.

The staircase outside

It isn’t possible to alter external staircases in apartment houses. However, if you are considering constructing a house, keep these pointers in mind.

Ideal directions are:

  • The South-East, with the staircase facing East

  • The Southwest, with the staircase facing West

  • The Southwest, with the staircase facing South

  • The North-West with the staircase facing North

So, what are the other factors you should keep in mind for your internal staircase? Let’s find out.

Avoid placing the pooja room near the staircase

The pooja room is the holy niche in your home. It exudes positivity in your home and ensures good vibes. As such, keeping your pooja room away from the staircase is best. Make sure your Brahmasthan is at least 1.5 meters away from the stairs.

Storage under the staircase

The place under the stairs is often used for utilities and footwear storage. Some homes have pantries or pooja rooms under the stairs. This should be strictly avoided.

If you want to use the space, install drawers for your sundry items such as clothing, gym kits, music equipment, etc. Another strict no-no is making storage space or a safe under the stairs for jewelry.

Are spiral staircases good for Vaastu?

Spiral staircases are appealing and can elevate the décor of your room. However, as per Vaastu, spiral staircases can be destructive and emit negative energy. They can lead to poor health and accidents.

Summing up

Getting the Vaastu equation right isn’t always possible, as it involves structural changes. But elements such as the color or the placement of the pooja room are in your hands. To learn more about positive energy in your home, check out for advice on feng shui and Vaastu-compliant spaces.