Sagittarius? You Need To Know These 7 Things Before You Decorate Your Home

Last updated on August 25th, 2021

Decorating isn’t an easy task. Especially if you happen to be a free-spirited Sagittarian who is more often than not, on the go.

If you don’t think decorating a home deserves too much thought and needs to be organic instead, or just can’t figure out where to begin, here are a few pointers that can help you get started!

1. Don’t get yourself boxed in

While arranging your furniture, remember to give yourself a lot of room to move about freely. You’re someone who likes to feel free. So, make sure you keep it spacious and airy so that you don’t feel trapped or boxed in.

2. Remember, less is more

There’s a reason we spoke about keeping things spacious. Let’s face it. You like to hoard and accumulate. You just keep things, never quite feeling the need to think whether something is really needed. This might be the time to change that. Before you begin decorating, get rid of what you don’t need. And that includes things you feel you need but haven’t touched for more than a year!

3. Get plenty of plants

You love the outdoors and love the feeling of being free. Well, then how about bringing the outdoors in and getting the same feeling in your home? Get plenty of plants and sprinkle have them in every room of your home. Just remember to pick hardy ones that don’t need too much care. 

4. Invest in smart organizers

Organizing – definitely not something that sparks joy in you. In fact, you find it quite a chore. But it’s also essential, considering that your mind flits from one project to the next at the shortest notice and you just end up leaving many things unfinished. Just go ahead and pick out a few decorative baskets and that can give your stuff a semblance of order. Start small, if you’d like. But do start!

5. Make decorating fun!

We know decorating can sometimes feel like a chore when your mind wants to do a thousand other things. How about adding to it, an element of fun? Invest in things that reflect your one-of-a-kind personality. It’ll get your creative juices flowing and lend character to your home at the same time. One stone and two birds. How about that?

6. Go Boho

If different décor styles leave you confused and tired, go Boho! It is quite like you in a way, and you’d only end up surrounding yourself with things you love. How bad can that be?

7. Be ready to experiment with warm colors

Don’t be afraid to put together decor that’s as colorful as your personality! If there’s anyone who can pull it off, it’s got to be you. But don’t make everything neon-bright. Be wise and sprinkle colors in accents and accessories. There’s a certain glow that warm colors bring to a home. Quite like the effect that your personality has on people!