Bid Goodbye To The Blank Wall Behind Your Sofa

Last updated on May 13th, 2021

The empty wall behind a sofa can be a great place to create a focal point in your living room. Traditionally people think of hanging a single piece of art to fill that space. But how about we get a little creative and explore a few different ways to breathe life into that dull, lifeless space?

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Here are 9 different ways that you can transform the blank space behind your sofa into something truly stunning.

1. Hang A Single, Large Piece Of Art

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Hanging a single, large piece of art is a good idea to create a nice focal point centered around your sofa and the wall behind it. You will just need to ensure that this artwork doesn’t blend with the wall it is put up on, or isn’t too small to catch the eye. You will need to hang something bold and ensure that you choose something striking enough so that attention is instantly drawn to the focal point that you’re trying to create.

2. Create A Chalkboard Wall

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Chalkboards as wall décor are quite in vogue and make for a perfect work of art that you can change and get creative with, as often as you want, whether it’s a chalkboard painted wall that you choose to have, or use framed chalkboard right above your sofa.

3. Create A Gallery Wall

Instead of choosing to hang one piece of art, you can create a gallery wall with many different pieces. It doesn’t just help create the right amount of drama on your blank wall, but also makes for an excellent conversation starter!

4. Hang Mirrors

Mirrors open up spaces and add depth to a setting. The wall behind your sofa can be a great place to hang either a large mirror or a collection of similarly framed mirrors and have them reflect a window on the opposite wall or an interesting and visually appealing piece of lighting fixture.

5. Display Collections

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It’s time to bring those collectibles out! Collections make for great focal points in a room whether they are your collection of platters, baskets, hats or anything else that can make for a good display piece. Hang your prized possessions and watch the blank wall behind your sofa get transformed into something really interesting.


6. Install Floating Shelves

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Floating shelves or shelves with ornate brackets are a great way to display your accessories with panache. You will only need to ensure that the shelves you install are sturdy and not a risk to people sitting on your couch!

7. Install Ledger Shelves

If you are someone who likes to change things often, and like to play around with different décor ideas, then ledger shelves on the wall are best suited for you. These thin shelves are great for propping up photos on, and make it easy for you to change the décor if you start feeling bored and don’t like the idea of patching up holes on the walls.

8. Set Up A Table Behind The Sofa

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It isn’t a great idea to push your sofa all the way up against a wall. You may want to try wedging a table between your sofa and the wall behind it, which gives you additional space to display curios and other knick-knacks from it and at the same time creating a visual space between the sofa and the wall behind it. This would also work really well if you’re renting and aren’t allowed to drill holes in the walls for artwork.

9. Display Maps

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Maps give a setting a sense of history. They are also a great way of cherishing the memorable trips you’ve made and the places you’ve seen. And there are many ways of getting creative with maps. You can opt for maps that are colorful, black and white, sepia or vintage. Have your favorite pieces framed and hang them above your sofa and you have a fantastic work of art on display!