Vastu In The Puja Room : Simple Do’s And Don’ts That Promise Prosperity

Last updated on July 5th, 2022

Have you heard of Vastu shastra? The traditional Indian science of architecture emphasizes finding a balance between the five elements of nature while designing a building. It determines the aura and vibe of the overall space. We all want and would cherish a peaceful and prosperous vibe in our homes. That’s why most people try to incorporate the best Vastu shastra practices while designing their dream home.

From the entrance to the backyard, every decor article and room should follow Vastu rules. And in most homes, the prayer or puja room is considered to be the most sacred space. So, it has to be designed according to Vastu as well. So, whether you are planning to move in or revamp your house, do consider these Vastu tips for your Puja room that will ensure prosperity!

Placement of idols

Every puja room has a platform on which the deities are placed. The idols must be placed at a height that matches your chest level when you sit down on the floor for prayers. Avoid placing idols on the floor.

Now, when you place the idol of Lord Ganesh, it should be on the right of Goddess Lakshmi’s idol. Also, the placements of all the idols in the puja room should be such that they don’t face each other. They should be placed in the west or east direction of the puja room and have to be placed slightly away from the walls.

Designer puja room spaces are available today. If you are planning to get such a space, we recommend looking for one with a dome structure on top. Finally, avoid placing any broken or damaged idols in the puja space.

Lamps in the puja room

Most of us light diyas (lamps) while praying. A diya, an important puja room object, is crucial in ensuring auspicious energy around your home. Vastu suggests that a diya should be placed on the person’s right side while worshiping. Also, avoid lighting a diya in the southern direction to ward off financial troubles. Moreover, the puja room should be illuminated and decorated with lights during evenings and festivals. So make sure you have a power socket nearby.

Storage in the puja room

Storage is an essential part to be addressed while designing a puja room. Typically, your puja room would have religious books, lamps, oils, incense sticks, cotton, decor items, and other objects essential for your rituals. As per Vastu experts, never place any item above the idols. Try to set up the storage area in the southeast direction, ensuring that it does not obstruct the natural passage of sunlight.

Color of the walls

Vastu shastra recommends using light colors like sky blue, yellow, white, and light pink as the background to your puja room. Do not use dark colors as they attract negative energy and disturb the peace and harmony in your home.

Carving out a space for Puja

If there is no dedicated puja room or space in your home, you can create one in your dining room, living room, or study area. Keep in mind to use a divider and separate the space by a simple curtain, a glass divider, or a POP divider. You can even use a wooden shelf with drawers for puja accessories. If your house has some open shelves, you can also place idols there and use them as a puja space.

The direction of the puja room

Vastu recommends the northeast corner of your home as the ideal location for a puja room. North and east are the next best directions. You should never have the puja room or space in the southern direction.

Setting up a place for worship is a priority for most Indians, and getting it right can go a long way in establishing a peaceful atmosphere in your home. And from placing the idols to storing puja essentials, a lot can go right and wrong with this space when it comes to Vastu.

We hope that this simple guide has helped you understand the basics of setting up a puja room as per Vastu. Hopefully, we have helped you save a lot of your time as well.

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