VastuWise: How To Place Your Ganesha At Home The Right Way

Last updated on December 17th, 2021

A Lord Ganesha idol holds a significant place in Indian households. This is because Ganesha is considered the bearer of health, prosperity, and happiness. But did you know that whether you want to keep the idol in a temple or outside of it in your home – its placement matters. And Vastu Shastra plays a vital role in determining this placement and believes that one needs to allocate space for the Ganesha idol keeping in mind the orientation, size, and many other things. Unfortunately, most of us place the idol at home without considering its impact on the household.

If this is something that you want to rectify and are interested in placing your Ganesha the right way, here’re some Vastu do’s and don’ts you can follow.

Space Allocation

Vastu experts recommend you place the Ganpati idol in habitable spaces. And that you must avoid placing the idol in a garage, in the space below the staircase, storerooms, etc. Also avoid placing Ganesha next to toilets and laundry rooms, since all these areas are vacant most of the time and are considered inauspicious, energy-wise. They are said to be radiating negative energies which conflict with the positive energy of the idol.


The best directions to place your Ganesha are west, north, and northeast. According to Vastu, it is ideal to make the idol face the north direction. This is because Lord Shiva resides in the north, which makes this direction pious. Avoid placing the Ganpati idol in the south. Many houses and offices place the idol at the entrance as a symbol of prosperity and faith. For them, we recommend that the back of Ganesha should be facing the entry/exit door. This is because we want Ganesha to ward off evil from our space. You can find a few more interesting tips on Vastu for your home, here.

Posture and Color

A Ganpati idol needs to be in the sitting position when placed at home. Sitting depicts peace and calm. It attracts warmth and comfort into the home. If this is what you seek, then choose a White idol. Vastu even suggests that while sitting, if Ganesha is in a reclining posture, he brings wealth and luxury. Also, if you seek growth and prosperity, then think of getting a Vermilion-colored Ganpati.

Number of Idols

Ganesha is not just a deity. He is a friend and a confidant. Vastu shastra recommends having a single Ganesha idol, as it is believed that too many Ganesha idols upset Riddhi Siddhi. The Ganesha idol may be placed with that of Goddess Lakshmi, or amongst his family – with idols of Shiva, Parvati and Karthikeya. He can reside in the puja room or other designated spaces in the living room of the home.

The Details

You must pay attention to certain details of the Ganesha idol – primarily his trunk, his mouse – Mushak, and the Modak he holds. The trunk of Lord Ganesha should be tilted towards the left. This indicates that the Lord will be pleased easily. This will usher in happiness and success. An idol with a right tilted trunk requires more disciplined worshipping. And, speaking of details, we come to two of Ganesha’s favorites – the Modak and Mushak! A Ganpati idol needs to have both of them. While Mushak, the mouse represents pervasiveness, the modak in his hand is an offering to the Lord.

Lord Ganesha does bring prosperity, but it’s a good idea to ensure to invite him home and place him just right, to make the most of his blessings. What say?

Now that you are equipped with the right Vastu tips as far as placing your favorite Lord Ganesha is concerned, use them to your advantage and bring home tons of prosperity. If you liked what you read, do visit us at, for more.

Happy decorating, folks!