6 Vastu Tips For The Entrance That Invite Positive Energy

Last updated on April 7th, 2022

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu science which has gained popularity the world over, as a science that promotes happiness and well-being inside dwellings.

And the entrance of a house holds a special place as per this science. It believes that the entrance to a house has the capacity to welcome or deter energies that enter and leave a house. And the more the positive energies entering a house, the happier its inhabitants will be. Let’s look at 6 ways you can enhance the positive energies entering your house, just by making a few changes in your entryway.

1. A Flower Bed Near The Entrance

One of the simplest methods to correct the Vastu of your home is by incorporating flower beds close to the main door. They won’t just be adding beauty to your entrance, but inviting positive energies to enter the space as well.

2.  Good Lighting At The Main Door

In Vastu, a well-lit space welcomes positive energy while negating the effect of negative vibes. Have plenty of lighting surrounding your entrance to encourage positive energies into flowing inside your home.

3.  A Door In A Natural Color

The color of the main door plays a critical role in Vastu. It is believed that having a door and entryway in a natural color welcomes positive energy into the home.

4. A Potted Plant Next To The Door

Courtesy: Tua Casa

Keeping a potted plant next to the main door invites positive energy inside. It’s also a good idea to enhance this effect by keeping a vessel filled with water on the opposite side.

5.  Stairs Leading To The Door

Having stairs leading to the main door is an excellent way to make it Vastu perfect.

6. No Toilets Or Kitchen In View

As per Vastu, it is believed that toilets and kitchen should not be visible from the main door or the entryway.

Here’s wishing that your home abounds in positive vibes!