Décor Instincts: Colors That Go Well With Yellow

Décor Instincts: Colors That Go Well With Yellow

Last updated on August 6th, 2021

People perceive colors very differently. Colors hold different appeal for different people. But most will agree that yellow, one of the warmest and most energizing colors, is associated with sunny cheer and can add instant interest to any dull space.

Décor Instincts: Colors That Go Well With Yellow

Courtesy: homeklondike

If you’re weary of using this color in your space or worried that it might make it overly bold and overwhelming, here’s a quick guide on a few colors that you can team it with, for a stunning and rich outcome!

1. Yellow & Black

Décor Instincts: Colors Yellow & Black

Courtesy: kitchenagenda

It isn’t all that hard to use this striking combination of colors and make them work together, without compromising on sophistication. Just throw in plenty of black, and go easy when you work with yellow, using it more as an accent that brings out the beauty of the mostly-black background.

2. Yellow & Gray

Décor Instincts: Colors Yellow & Gray

Courtesy: vulcanlyric

Yellow and gray make a very cheerful combination, with both yellow and gray considered two gender neutral colors when it comes to both babies and people in general. Both the colors leave a completely different aesthetic impact when used together, with yellow sprucing up a space with its brightness and the gray working hard on keeping the setting as close as possible to neutral leaving the collective effect, nothing short of fabulous!

3. Yellow & Green

Décor Instincts: Colors Yellow & Green

Courtesy: drhaccp.info

Yellow and green makes for a unique combination that also happens to be delicately balanced. The spirited yellow in the statement wing chairs used in the setting here, for instance, is kept grounded with the use of the various shades of green all around it. The neutral setting that these two colors work in, makes for the perfect background to keep the drama that these two colors create, from going over-the-top.

4. Yellow & Red

Décor Instincts: Colors Yellow & Red

Courtesy: hesterstreettriupe

Out of the three primary colors, red and yellow are the two warm ones and can work very well together visually for that very reason. The visual impact that they create when used together is quite high, making it imperative that plenty of natural light and neutral color be ensured all around to make sure the setting doesn’t look too busy for the eyes.

5. Yellow & Fuchsia

Décor Instincts: Colors Yellow & Fuchsia

Courtesy: thegreenstation.us

Vibrant and full of energy, yellow and fuchsia can team up to create some truly enthusiastic and bold vibes. This combination can lend a noticeable live-wire feel to any setting and can be kept from getting overwhelming by using them strategically with plenty of neutrals thrown in.

6. Yellow & Pale Pink

Décor Instincts: Colors Yellow & Pale Pink

Courtesy: littlegreene.de

Unlike what you might want to think about the two colors, both on the lighter side of the spectrum, yellow and pale pink work amazingly well together as décor elements as can be seen when you mix metals like brass and copper. Both the colors add a subtle and understated touch of luxury and sophistication to interiors, with yellow adding the needed zing and pink keeping things down-to-earth.