7 Reasons To Use Patterns In Your Home

Last updated on April 7th, 2022

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of patterns in a room. Many designers consider it one of the key decor elements that can easily transport a room into a different era.

Patterns, when infused correctly, help add personality, creating an inviting space. Here are 7 compelling reasons to use patterns in your décor!

1. Patterns lend personality to any room

7 Reasons To Use Patterns In Your Home - They lend pattern

Your home should be a reflection of your personality. And, when it comes to infusing personality into a space, no other decor element can do what patterns can.

Starting from the colors, the types of patterns, and the way they have been used in a room speak volumes of you, your family, and your taste. Patterns, when used correctly, can bring in drama, add interest, and provide pops of color to any space.

2. They help bring in seasonal changes

7 Reasons To Use Patterns In Your Home - They help bring in seasonal changes

Decor changes from season to season. And, if you like this idea, then patterns can help you do precisely that! For instance, use floral patterns in the form of cushion covers for summer days, and bring out the checkered ones in spring.

3. They can add instant visual interest

7 Reasons To Use Patterns In Your Home - add visual interest

Yes, we have said it before, and we are going to say it again – patterns add visual interest into any room. So, if you want your house to feel like it’s straight out of a magazine cover, then you need to add some bursts of patterns in the room (there’s nothing as boring as staring at a neutral room with no pops of color!).

There are, however, a few things to be kept in mind, when choosing patterns for your home. First and foremost, choose a pattern that complements the room’s existing color scheme; secondly, distribute the patterns evenly throughout the room; and thirdly, don’t use too many patterns in one room, as it may ruin the decor. Instead, break them up with solids in order to provide resting spots for the eye.

4. They are great at hiding stains

7 Reasons To Use Patterns In Your Home - Great at hiding stains

Using patterns on an upholstery piece is an excellent way to conceal stains and dirt in the busy areas of the house. Think of using upholstered patterned chairs in the dining room to be better prepared for dining mishaps or use a dark-colored patterned rug in the living room to hide any paw stains left behind by your fur-baby.

5. They can act as accent pieces

7 Reasons To Use Patterns In Your Home - act as an accent piece

Good interior design is all about understanding which element will dominate the room, and which elements will need to act as supporting features. Patterns work well as accent pieces in a setting. But a room filled with patterns can be quite an overwhelming sight! Instead, infuse patterns in one or two elements that could benefit from some perking up.

6. They help spruce-up neutrals

7 Reasons To Use Patterns In Your Home - Spruce up neutrals

Neutrals are a vital element in a room. But an all-neutral room can appear a bit flat on the eye. Make use of patterns in bits and pieces to instantly perk up an all-neutral room.

7. They keep a room anchored

7 Reasons To Use Patterns In Your Home - Keeps a room anchored

Each room needs one large piece that helps to anchor it. A patterned rug or one large furniture piece like a sectional sofa with patterned cushions will help introduce cohesion and make the space more appealing visually. Here, the designer has used a patterned rug to add some weight to the floor, allowing everything else to be light and neutral. You can also think of using patterned curtains to anchor a space.

Happy decorating with patterns, folks!