Ever Wondered Why Beauty In Design Appeals To Us?

Last updated on July 24th, 2023

Whether we look at the innumerable petals of a chrysanthemum, or the dew drops glistening in the morning sun, beauty is everywhere. It is ethereal and hard to define, as what moves one may not affect the other.

However, a well-designed home is a constant. All of us love to surround ourselves with appealing home designs to soothe our senses. But why does a beautifully decorated home affect us positively? And why do we feel down in the dumps when we are in a gloomy, unappealing interior? Let’s explore these complex ideas and concepts.

It’s in the Forms and Textures

Our home décor is a complex combination of colors, textures, and shapes. All these elements combined create an aesthetically appealing home interior. While there is no conscious thought that says, “I love my couch or the color of my wall,” there is a sense of well-being when we surround ourselves with a pleasant atmosphere. This feel-good factor makes us more productive and puts a positive spin on life.

One with Nature

Many of our design elements borrow ideas from nature. Be it the curves in the waves that lash the shore, the shape of a tree spreading its canopy over the forest, or the gorgeous colors of autumn.

Research says that our attraction to a beautiful environment may be due to our need to be in harmony with creation. We often gravitate toward beautiful things as we feel safe. Our senses tell us that oddly shaped flowers and fruits spell danger.

Beauty is Curative

It is noticed that retirement homes and hospital rooms that have a pleasing environment speed up the recovery of the patient. While death is inevitable, the quality of life drastically improves; leading to better mood and positivity.

So, What Works Best for You?

To find out what makes you happy shouldn’t be difficult, but it often is. It’s easy to get tempted to copy what you see in your friend’s house, or something you see on popular home décor websites. But, while these designs look great, you have to find out what works best for you.

Surprisingly, professional designers may be able to help you find your voice better than you can. Once they sit with you to discuss your tastes, needs, and the purpose of your space, they will be able to judge what suits your home best. Once they get a feel of your lifestyle, the designing process will begin.

Your Choices Can Affect Your Mood

As mentioned, shapes, textures, and colors can affect the outcome of your décor. Making the right choice is vital if you want an aesthetically appealing home. As one glove doesn’t fit all, you need to work on each space separately and take functionality, use, and choice into consideration. While red may look beautiful on your wall, this vibrant shade can be stimulating and not a perfect choice for your bedroom. You should avoid the following:

  • Cluttering your space with too much furniture

  • Too many busy prints and textures

  • Loud colors that are not in sync with your mood

  • Bulky furniture that shrinks your space

The trick is to take a leaf out of Mother Nature’s beautiful shapes and colors so that you can be one with the planet and its beautiful creations.

Elements You Can Add to the Appeal

  • Colors affect your mood and happiness. While vibrant shades are appealing, use them as accents for a calming effect.

  • Shades of blue and green are gorgeous and are perfect for a soothing vibe.

  • Opt for large accessories that make a statement. A bold vase has more impact than the clutter of tiny windmills and Eiffel Towers models you have collected on your jaunts abroad.

  • Add plants and natural elements such as wood, stone, or jute to your décor.

  • Get your lighting right. For tips, click on this link.

Summing Up

The trick is to closely examine home décor website images and check their attention to detail. Each element in such images plays a role and has a purpose. Once you train your eye to take in concepts and details, you will be able to emulate these ideas in your home. And hey, if all else fails, we are here to help. Just log in to homebliss.in to begin your creative adventure.