Trending Textured Wall Designs For Living Rooms

Last updated on June 21st, 2022

Dull or lackluster living rooms are huge turn-offs. Instead of helping you unwind after a hectic day, flat walls can make you feel more stressed. Changing the wall color or rearranging and enhancing the room décor are probably the first things you may think about here. But we recommend you think beyond the obvious and go for a unique strategy to revamp your living room’s aesthetic by switching up your wall textures.

Textured walls have a unique charm. They look classy and dapper. Dressing up your living room walls will add depth and dimension to the space, giving it a stunning magazine-ready look. Interior designers also love this concept for its versatility and stand-out look.

Does this trend excite you? If yes, keep reading on as we discuss some of the latest wall texture designs for the living room. Every design will make your space more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Charming Wooden Plank Textures

Do you want to give your living room a more rustic cottage-like look this year? If yes, you cannot afford to miss this beautiful wall texture design. Every inch of this timeless texture will help you give an arcadian feel to the space.

Experts recommend going for softwood panels here to create an authentic countryside appeal. Last but not least, plan a wooden ceiling for that ultimate quaint, vintage vibe.

The Bewitching Illusion of Geometry

Geometric textures can dazzle up your monotonous living room walls. There are ample options to try here, like circles, dots, and cubes. These wall patterns can immediately create a stylish look. You can also go for quirky options like triangles, checks, and rhombuses.

Apart from this, zigzags are also gaining popularity lately. Straight vertices and random lines are some other favorites and can add a bit of fun to your space. Whichever living room wall texture design you choose, make sure it becomes the room’s focal point.

Make the Walls a Distinct Feature with Printed Grasscloth

Art enthusiasts must bookmark this beautiful living room wall texture design right away. Homeowners love the grasscloth accent wall texture, as it gives an abstract feel to the space. Moreover, involving natural textures like jute, bamboo, seagrass, and arrowroot grass helps you feel closer to nature. It also provides a deep and rich dimension to the entire living room.

And what about the room décor? You can either keep it subtle for a sophisticated look or go for a contrasting combination to add drama to the space.

Spell Magic with Glossy Walls

Add depth to your bold and loud personality by going for a glossy wall texture. It gives you a platform to showcase your life choices fearlessly. Vivacious colors like red and blue will instantly lift the mood of the space while using more subtle shades like white and beige will inspire class. You can spruce things up with equally striking furniture and drapery. Adding a glossy finish to your walls is one of the most popular wall texture designs for living rooms.

Grounded Rough-textured Walls

Homeowners who want to reflect their somber and simple taste can go for a rough-textured wall in their living room. Although this wall texture might seem very unpretentious and plain at first glance, the final effect is jaw-dropping.

Neutral or darker wall colors are sure to give a splendid appearance. The good news is that you can achieve both a matte and a smooth finish in this texture. However, you should consult with a professional to choose the best and most apt look for your room.

And That’s a Wrap!

The living room is the soul of a house. And an ideal living room is one that tells a story about the people residing in it. So, make sure you leave no stone unturned when it comes to conveying your side of the story to your guests. Pick the best wall texture that will liven up every corner of your living room. Complete the look with matching furniture and accessories.

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