Design A Home That Is Easy On The Environment

Last updated on April 11th, 2023

We often hear the word sustainability bandied about in conversations at get-togethers and parties. But there are times when the term seems confusing when we think of it in the context of home décor and lifestyle. We would all like to put our best foot forward to save the planet; but where do we start?

Well, you will be amazed to know that many sustainable practices are easy to adopt, and you don’t have to sacrifice your dreams of a beautiful home for them. So, how do you go green and still achieve your dream? Let’s take a look.

Sustainable Interior Design in a Nutshell

Sustainable design practices aim to curb excess energy consumption and overuse of natural resources. By adopting these practices in your home décor, you not only help the planet heal but also help the community. So, what are the salient features of a healthy, sustainable interior? Let’s check them out.

  • Improving the indoor air quality

  • Using eco-friendly products

  • Adopting green methods

  • Cutting down on the use of non-renewable energy

  • Using passive designing methods

Let’s explore ways to do your bit for the planet when designing your homes.

Make Use of Natural Light and Ventilation

Welcome the day by opening your windows every morning. Natural light will reduce your consumption of energy. The best part? You will see a reduction in your electricity bills.

Cross-ventilation is a great way to reduce airborne toxins and pollutants in the home. What’s more, you will get a breath of fresh air.

UsePaints with Low VOC

VOCs or volatile organic compounds emit toxic gases into the atmosphere and can be a health hazard. Switch to low-VOC paints that are odorless when you are renovating your home.

Buy Local

Sourcing materials from far-off places not only puts a dent in your pocket but also affects the environment. Pick materials such as stone and wood that are easily available in your area to cut down on energy emissions. Let’s face it. Importing Italian marble makes little sense when we have great marble here.

Try to seamlessly Blend into Your Surroundings

Whether you are building your home from scratch or refurbishing it, try not to disturb your natural surroundings by cutting down trees, or destroying the natural features of the land. Also, uprooting native plants and introducing exotic plants will disturb the ecosystem of the surroundings and is best avoided. Avoid energy-intensive plants that need a lot of watering.

Eco-friendly Materials

Natural materials such as wood, stone, or bamboo are a better bet. They give off a rustic vibe and are good for the environment. There are a lot of options available in the market. You can achieve a beautiful home with these materials.

Consult a Sustainable Interior Designer

The best way to achieve sustainable home decor is by consulting a designer well-versed in eco-friendly design. They will help you pick eco-friendly materials, furniture, and fixtures for your home. As these designers use local products, you cut down on transportation emissions too.

Upgrade Existing Furniture

By upgrading existing furniture, you not only save money, but your old furniture will not end up in landfills. So, how do you
refurbish old furniture? A coat of paint on old furniture will add a vibrant touch to your home. For old couches and chairs, it’s just a matter of reupholstering for a brand-new look.

Low-flow Plumbing

Water is a valuable resource. Rainwater harvesting systems are a viable option. This water can be used in the bathrooms or for watering the garden. You not only do right by the environment but save on your water bill too.

If rainwater harvesting is not possible, you can install low-flow plumbing fixtures on your taps to cut down on water consumption.

Final Words

It’s all about making a conscious effort to opt for eco-friendly products when you are redoing your home décor. Once you get into the groove, it becomes second nature, and you will shy away from products that harm the planet. We are committed to finding eco-friendly solutions for your home décor needs. Log in to or contact us today.