How To Use Storage Benches To Sort Your Life

Last updated on June 26th, 2023

There is never enough storage space, no matter how big your home is. Finding storage for the stuff you bought online or on your jaunts abroad is challenging; especially if you love to hoard. Benches may be the answer to your storage woes. But that doesn’t mean you don’t try to declutter your home!

But, how much can a bench hold? And how to incorporate these gems into your décor? To answer your questions, here are some interesting tips.

What to Store in Your Benches

The dimensions of your bench are much like a treasure chest. These almost bottomless pits can store a variety of household essentials. Let’s see what you can store in these benches:

Bed linen and pillows

Most of us use the benches at the bottom of our beds to store our extra blankets and pillows. These “chests” are heaven-sent, as they have plenty of room. To maximize the space, be sure to fold them neatly or roll them up next to your pillows.

Shoe receptacles

A bench for shoe storage is a blessing. Pull-out drawers in your bench will accommodate most of your regular footwear. This will also make it easier to clean the mud accumulation. Ottomans with storage space are also an interesting option for shoes. They are great in your bedroom or your living room.

Toy storage in kids’ room

While demanding kids are a common factor in most homes, indulgent parents tend to shower their kids with toys. The result? More toys than they know what to do with. To tackle the overflowing toy situation, benches are ideal. These treasure chests have enough space to accommodate most of your toys. Benches with drawers are ideal for board games too. Ottomans and wicker baskets can take care of bulky toys, such as stuffed toys.

Ancient photo albums and records

Yes, photo albums do exist. And while they may be worse for wear, these treasures from the past take up a lot of room. Benches make the ideal storage spaces for these memories. Vinyl records are collectibles from an era gone by. These have a lot of value and proper storage is vital to keep their condition pristine. Benches come in handy for their storage.

As you can see, there are many storage options for your benches. However, the question arises; with so much stuff ready to go into benches, how many do you need, and where do you place them?

It’s not difficult to introduce benches in home décor. While benches at the foot of the bed are a common feature in home design, what are the other options? Let’s take a look:

Foyer Bench

Going for a jog early in the morning is so much easier when you can sit on your bench in the foyer to tie up your shoelaces. What’s more, when you return, you don’t have to worry about mud trailing into the house as you can store them inside. Drawers under the bench are one way to go. Other options are open shelving for your footwear.

At the Foot of Your Bed

A bench at the foot of your bed is the ultimate style statement. It’s easy to switch to a bench with storage if you are struggling with extra blankets and pillows. Comfortable and functional too!

In Your Kid’s Room

To tackle the toy issue, a bench in your kid’s bedroom is a boon. However, make sure you are there to monitor nightly cleanup, as you don’t want them to catch their fingers in the lid.

Dining Table Bench for Sundries

The dining table benches are chic. They exude a feeling of companionship when you share a meal. A bench that doubles up as a storage unit is perfect for this setting.

Summing Up

There is no dearth of ideas where benches are concerned. Taking your requirements and space into consideration, you can fashion your bench and add a quirky twist. If you need help, we are always here to help. Log in to for other interesting storage ideas.