Store More With These 5 Coffee Tables

Last updated on October 19th, 2021

No matter how big or tiny your house is, storage is a constant issue. That’s why it pays to sneak in as much additional storage as you can, in order to stow away clutter in style! And, when it comes to storing with style, this one decor element is our all-time favorite – the good old coffee table!

The coffee table is one substantial piece of furniture in your living room that consumes quite a bit of floor space. Hence, it makes sense to get a coffee table that is both stylish and functional. From repurposing an old piece of furniture, purchasing a storage-friendly table, to upgrading an old piece – check out our top 5 coffee table ideas that will add style and flair to your living room in no time!

1. Try a Lift-top Coffee Table

Add some element of fun and mystery to your living room interiors, with a lift-top coffee table. Considered a must-have by many interior experts, the lift-top coffee table is ideal for living rooms where space is limited. For instance, in the above picture, the burgundy-colored coffee table opens up on the top, creating enough room for extra throw blankets, media supplies, and just about anything else!

2. Upcycle an Old Trunk

If you love the old-world charm, then this one’s for you: Put a vintage trunk to work by utilizing it as a coffee table. Since trunks are big on storage, you will have ample space to keep all your knick-knacks. However, ensure that you compartmentalize the interior space with holders and boxes so that all the things remain in their respective places. In case you don’t have a trunk and would like to see one serving as your coffee table, you could think of visiting vintage stores.

3. Add an Open-storage Coffee Table

In case you have a small living room, a coffee table with open storage will add just the perfect bit of functionality and style. Stack up similar-sized books and magazines for a clean and visually appealing look. However, keep in mind, open storage means extra care to maintain the table. Or else, it could end up looking like a pile of mess.

4. Go for a Double-duty Coffee Table

Fourth on the list is our all-time favorite ottoman coffee table. This upholstered piece is equipped to hold fries and coke for those exciting T20 days and can even store blankets and cushions for movie nights. However, when looking for a storage ottoman, ensure you have a fair idea about what you are going to store in it and choose one according to the right size and storage limit in mind.

5. Pick a Coffee Table With Slide-out Drawers

Sliding drawers in a coffee table make storage blissful! All you’ve got to do is load the drawers with your living room essentials, and you are good to go. You will find these tables both offline and online, simply pick what you like. In case, you don’t want to invest in one, think of repurposing an old piece of furniture like a shallow dresser or even a console table, as a coffee table.