DIY: 2 -Step Terrarium-Style Cake Stand

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

Baking is an art they say. And who are we to disagree? But what about after the cake’s been iced and the sprinkles added? The props you showcase your masterpiece in, need to be as grand as your beautiful cake. Wouldn’t you agree? Enter cake stands. Cake stands are a great tool that don’t just assist you when you’re finishing up your work-of-art, but also help you display your delicious handywork in style. There are all kinds of cake stands available in the market made from plastic, glass, wood and what have you.

But how about we DIY one this weekend with just a clear glass plate and a wine-glass that’s seen better days? What’s more, this unique and versatile cake stand can be customized for any event that you want! Read on to know how!

Things You’ll Need

• A clear-glass Plate
• A clear Wine-glass
• Clear glue used for glass

The Procedure

Step 1…

Wash and dry the plate and glass thoroughly. Apply the glue to the bottom of the wineglass and set it in the middle of the glass plate. Follow the glue-manufacturer’s instructions carefully for this step. The fact that the glue is clear allows you to be a bit messy while sticking.

Set a few books on top of the plate to help strengthen the bond.

Step 2!

Fill the glass with colorful candy, potpourri, fairy lights, Christmas baubles, whatever the theme that you’re setting the table for, needs and flip the cake stand over. Your beautiful, hand-crafted cake stand is now ready to hold your cake and leave everyone in awe!
(For ease of use, you may want to create a temporary seal at the mouth of the glass with cling-film.)

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