DIY Ideas For Those Empty Walls In Your Home

Last updated on December 14th, 2022

Wall décor is an exciting way to revamp your space without much expense or effort. Funky ideas can change the way your home looks. The best part is that you can re-do your walls to give them a fresh vibe when the décor gets boring.

Many “been there, done that” ideas are floating around on the internet. For a radical twist to the tale, you need something to knock the socks off your friends and family. Neighbor’s envy is the fun part of home décor, after all! Let’s check out some “hat ke” ideas.

Woven Baskets and Wall Hangings

Macrame hangings are in trend. And while they have undeniable charm, why stop there? Handmade fabric stars or flowers, stuffed and sewn, make excellent country-style décor statements. You can use the fabric of your choice to fashion them into stuffed delights. A cord or ribbon is all you need to hang these on your walls. Mix and match with your mirrors, macrame, or straw plates for added interest.

A few potted plants will compliment this rustic look.

Picture Gallery with a Twist

Photo galleries have been done to death. However, they do add a lot of charm to the room. To give your picture gallery an interesting twist, use a dark accent wall for your unique take on this concept. Stick interesting vignettes, poems, or artwork on your wall. And let the scotch tape show!

Another way to play it out is by lining interesting framed artwork or poems and photos on your floating shelves. It’s amazing what you can achieve with so little!

Quirky Decor Ideas

There are no rules. Period. Use whatever you have at hand to give your décor a unique fingerprint. It can be the flotsam you picked up on your walk at the beach or the empty wooden crates after your mango bingeing season. All that you need is a bit of imagination. String up your gnarled branch on a wall for an out-of-the-box appeal. Add some dried flowers to the mix for added charm. Crates have a variety of uses and are always appealing.

Or, why not dig up some old clocks from your granddad’s attic? Or a flea market. These timepieces are timeless décor props for old-world charm. Remember, the older, the better.

Wall Art with a Unique Flavor

Granted, paintings are as old as time. But you can give them a unique flavor by fashioning your own. And no, you don’t have to be Van Gogh to achieve great artwork. You can use paint splatter, masking tape, or leaf and string painting to achieve exciting artwork. If you are a novice, use acrylics; they are a lot easier to use and dry faster.


Wall plates collected from flea markets and foreign sojourns can amp up the look of any wall. Try a bohemian look with African or Moroccan plates. Or you can color coordinate your plates to emulate your décor for a unique touch. You will rock the look with this one!

Chart your Decor Journey with Maps

Maps are the ultimate design statement. You can opt for a world map wallpaper that spans across the room or go for frames of city roads or world maps. However you play this, it evokes memories of lands far and wide, all in the confines of your home. Black map impressions on cork give an elegant feel to the decor, and dark walls take this enchanting look forward. Or you can go for a sedate look with a black-and-white linear map for your wall. However you play it, this idea will stun your guests, and you may find them taking a leaf out of your book!

Final words

The thing about wall decor is that you have to let your creative juices flow. And you will be surprised by how inventive you can get. Home is where the heart is, and getting the look right is essential for your happiness and well-being. To set a positive tone in your home, you can browse through for ideas or give us a call.