How To Rock The Mismatched Nightstand Trend In Your Bedroom

Last updated on August 19th, 2022

Achieving perfect symmetry is now an ancient concept. Today, some people even revel in their mismatched, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces as they create an eclectic vibe. Odd, unique pieces also add a lot of character and meaning to your home as they have their own story to tell. One such element to rock the mismatched trend is your nightstand.

Whether it is due to your difference in taste as compared to your partner or because you stumbled upon a rare collectible item, there are several reasons why you have mismatched bedside tables. Read on to understand how to ace the trend.

Create an illusion of similarity

This tip will come in handy if you are not too inclined toward unmatched nightstands but need to do with them. You can tweak your nightstands to create an illusion of similarity so they seem like they belong together. You can achieve this majorly in two ways:

Through size and height: Stands of similar size and height give the impression that they are from the same set. If you are buying new ones, get ones of the same size.

Level it with lighting: You can add matching light fixtures to your mismatched nightstands to add a touch of symmetry. Whether it is lampshades, sconces, pendant lighting, or even a track light across your headboard, it will help achieve continuity.

Play with shapes, materials, and textures

If you are ready to embrace the mismatched aesthetic, this tip is for you. Explore different materials that pair well with the rest of your room and pair up various textures. Get creative with unique shapes for your bedside furniture, such as a pairing of round and boxy tables. This will add an amusing, whimsical touch to your room and make it interesting.

Go with similar wood finishes

Wood is a widely used material, especially for residential spaces. It visually ties everything together. Wood works especially well if the grain, color, and finish are the same throughout your space. Opt for ones with a similar wooden finish throughout the room, so they seem visually related.

Choose from a similar style or time period

Furniture pieces from the same design style or time period have common features. Whether your mismatched nightstands have the neutral tones of mid-century modern furniture or the straight lines from minimalism, they will look like they belong together as long as they belong to the same time period or style.

Create cohesion through the color scheme

Lastly, the simplest way to unify varying elements is by giving them the same color. No matter how different two given objects are if they share the same color palette, they look like they are from the same set. If you are looking for new bedside tables, get pieces with a similar color palette or at least complementary colors. However, if you have old nightstands in different color schemes, get a can of paint and DIY your tables to match them!



The age of mismatched furniture pieces is here; they are even trending these days! Follow these tips to bring harmony to your bedroom! For more interior design tips, check out our blog at