4 Coffee-Table Styling Hacks Worth Copying

Last updated on November 17th, 2021

Coffee tables are important design elements that hold a prominent spot in the living room. They don’t just have to look pretty but also need to serve the important purpose that they are assigned. They need to attract the right amount of attention without taking it away from the rest of the space.

We have tried to simplify the art of styling a coffee table for you in this feature, with 4 clever hacks. We hope you find them useful, the next time you think of styling yours.

1. Pretty Decorative Boxes

Let’s face it. ‘Living’ creates clutter, and it’s not just stylish accessories and accent pieces that adorn our coffee table, but also stuff like remote controls of the TV, air conditioner, etc. What does one do with these? The solution is simple. Get stylish decorative boxes that fit in with the rest of your theme and store your everyday knick-knacks in style.

2. Toweringly Yours

Adding a vertical element to your coffee table is a great way of styling it effortlessly. Think – a tall and interesting vase full of faux silk flowers or a plant in a nice, tall pot, or anything else as interesting. Choose an element with visual depth and noticeable texture. And that’s it. Your table doesn’t need anything else.

3. No Strays – Get That Tray

Trays are a great way of keeping things organized and getting hold of one to corral all your pretty things into a nice group is an easy trick to coffee-table styling. Choose one with character – something that has intricate detailing or is in-you-face quirky. Arrange your coasters, vases, books, and curios in a nice vignette inside it. You’ll leave your guests turning green with envy!

4. Quirky And You

Get something truly quirky and fun, to set out as your coffee table display. It could be something that talks about your personality or something totally random, maybe with a shock-value, making it a conversation starter either way.