9 Amazingly Clever Uses Of Aluminium Foil

Last updated on October 23rd, 2020

One can find aluminum foil in almost every kitchen and it is of huge help when you’re packing food or baking. But did you know that it can be put to many other uses aside from the most obvious ones? – right from cleaning silverware to ironing with ease.

Let’s take a closer look!

1.To Make A Funnel

Source: reynoldskitchens

Aluminum foils can be used to pour oils and liquids with ease by curling a sheet into a conical shape and securing it with some tape, to create a funnel. Say goodbye to spills!

 2. To Fix A Loose Connection

Source: Pinterest

One of the most creative ways an aluminium foil can be put to great use is to fix loose connections and circuits inside the TV remote(or any other remote). Just fold a 1 square inch sheet several times and insert it between the battery and the loose spring. This will complete the circuit and make your remote good as new!

3. To Protect Doorknobs From Paint

Source: Pinterest

If you’re painting your interiors and want to protect fixtures like door knobs and handles from getting covered in paint, just use aluminium foil to cover these and remove them once you’re done. Voila!

4. To Remove Rust Stains

Source: learn-how-to-do-anything.blogspot

If you have metal at home that’s got rusted, you can get rid of it easily with just some effort and a ball of aluminium foil. Just rub the rust right off the metal with a scrunched-up ball of aluminium foil and see the shine coming back into the metal.

5. To Sharpen Scissors Effortlessly

Source: teachkidsart

You don’t have to get worried about your blunt scissors any longer. Just fold up a sheet of aluminium foil several times over to make a thick sheet and cut through it with your dull scissors. You’ll see the blades sharpened in no time.

6. To Shine Silverware

Source: food52

To clean your tarnished silverware, just line a glass pan with aluminium foil, add several spoons of baking soda and fill the pan with boiling water. Drop your silverware and watch it come out shining with just a little scrubbing.

7. To Iron Clothes Faster

Source: farlofacile

Here’s a trick to iron your clothes faster and more efficiently. Just put a sheet of aluminium foil over your ironing table, under the garment that you’re ironing. This way as you iron, the aluminium foil will heat up and radiate the heat back into the other side of the garment. Which means that you’ll be ironing both sides at once!

8. De-crust Your Grill

Source: reynoldskitchens

Tired of scrubbing the black bits off the grill, after a barbeque night at home? Just ball up some aluminium foil and scrub the black bits away in no time. You can thank us later!

9. To Protect Your Steel Wool

Source: wikihow

Keep a sheet of silver foil underneath your steel wool to keep rust at bay.