10 Ideas For A Minimalist Home

Last updated on March 2nd, 2022

The minimalist interior design is all about wide open spaces and a complete lack of clutter. Which translates to exercising a great amount of restraint when it comes to designing a space.

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To pull off this style with flair, you will need to let go of a lot of things that might have been very dear to you and stick to elements for their core purpose, for maximum impact.

Let’s look at 10 quick tips on creating a minimalistic look in your home.

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1. Minimal Furniture

There’s only the bare minimum furniture in a minimalist home. A minimalist living room for instance, will only have a couch, a coffee table and a simple entertainment unit housing the TV and one or two lamps. A bedroom will usually have the bare essentials like a simple bed, a night stand and a dresser.

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2. Lots Of Light

Natural light reflecting off white or neutral walls is the classic minimalist look. A bright and airy space washed with natural light is what one needs to aim for, if going for a minimalist look.

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3. Window Treatments

Bare windows go well with a minimalist design. And if at all a window treatment is used, it is strictly simple curtains in a solid color or plain wooden blinds. The idea is to stay away from anything even remotely ornate.

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4. Uncluttered Interiors

Minimalist décor is a no-frills décor with lots of empty spaces and is characterized by a noticeable absence of elaborate designs.

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5. Surfaces Cleared

The surfaces in a minimalist home are clear, free from books and other knick-knacks.

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6. The Artwork

Bare walls are the hallmark of a minimalist home. If you must have artwork, you can have one or two pieces of artwork framed in a neutral solid color.

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7. Sleek And Clean Lines

Minimalist design is all about simplicity in form and structure and you’ll mostly see sleek and clean lines forming the majority of the décor.

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8. Accent Decorations

Decorations to add a splash of color are kept to a minimum in a minimalist setting. You can choose just a couple of focal pieces and restrict the décor to bare essentials.

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9. The Colors

As far as colors go, the idea in a minimalist setting is to opt for subdued hues for most of the room even if you want to add a splash of a brighter shade to one of the walls. White happens to be classic minimalist, but any color that is easy on the eyes should work. But mostly the colors used on the walls in a minimalist setting are neutral and subdued ones at that.

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10. Quality Or Quantity?

If you’ve chosen to take the minimalistic route, then instead of trying to hang on to a lot of things that have been very dear to you for long, you will need to take a minimalist approach and choose the really good things that you have loved and use often. Ditch those fancy side-tables, for instance, and keep the well-worn coffee table that’s been your companion for over a decade.

Hope you found this quick read interesting. Happy decorating, everyone!