Interiors 101: Track Lighting Simplified

Last updated on July 13th, 2022

Lighting can make or break a space. Knowing what type of light fixtures suit your space is the first step to start. One of the popular types of light fixtures is track lighting. Multiple light bulbs are fitted on a track that contains the electrical conduits. This is a great advantage as the need for several electric points is eliminated, and multiple lights can be connected.

This makes them easy to use, as the user only has to operate one switch to illuminate the entire track. Besides its functioning advantages, track lighting is a great visual addition to any space.

Where you should install track lights:

Living rooms:

Living spaces always have a lot of activity going on. Whether you’re hosting a big party or having a movie night, track lighting can help you create the right ambiance at the flick of a switch. The heads of the individual lights on a track are adjustable. This lets you adjust each light according to your interior and brighten up your space. Installing track lights above the couch or the center table can light up your entire living room.

Dining area:

If you have a long, rectangular dining area, track lighting is the perfect solution for your space. Adding a track light in this space ties the entire dining space together and makes your light fixture the central, conversational piece. Such a fixture also adds a soft, glowy luminance to your dining room, creating the perfect dining experience for you and your guests.

Patio or deck:

Patios and decks are often overlooked when it comes to lighting. However, these areas have a lot of potential to work with and can turn into the most interesting corners of your house. If you have a covered patio or a deck with beams over it, track lights are the right choice. They provide just the right amount of light to create a cozy, outdoor ambiance for these semi-open spaces.

Kitchen island:

Kitchen islands act as additional counter space or a breakfast bar in your kitchen. These islands can be enhanced by adding the right kind of light fixtures to make your kitchen stand out. Track lights make this possible due to their adjustable heads. Depending on where you are working in your kitchen, you can adjust the track lights to illuminate the space while you cook.

When do you need track lighting?


One of the major advantages of curated lighting is the ambiance it creates. Based on the type of lighting fixture, the warmth, and the intensity of the light, a specific ambiance can be created. Track lighting creates a sophisticated and luxurious ambiance in any space. It lights up long, linear areas and adds multiple points of light that brighten up a room evenly.

Focus lighting:

Track lighting is the perfect solution to draw someone’s attention to interesting areas in your room. Whether it’s a painting, an artifact, or your family portrait, installing a track light that casts a good light on the piece will bring it into focus.

Multiple lighting angles:

One of the features of track lighting is that all the heads are individually adjustable. This lets the user adjust the lights to brighten a room wherever necessary. For example, if you have a track light on your patio with seating in multiple corners, you can use each head to illuminate one seating area. This lets you create multiple lighting angles with the same light fixture!

The technicalities of track lighting

Track lights are made up of various components. While buying a track light, it is advisable to buy all the parts from the same vendor as they are specific to the company and model they belong to. Track lights come in standard sizes, such as 4-foot or 8-foot sections. Longer tracks that are straight, T-shaped, or L-shaped can be built by connecting these basic sections. The heads can be pointed in a single direction or rotated to face different directions.


Track lighting is a specialized type of lighting used to enhance the lighting of a space and create a specific ambiance. Depending on the area and the kind of vibe you are going for, you can explore and experiment with different types of lighting.

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