7 Ways To Use Plants Indoors

Last updated on August 26th, 2022

Plants make a great addition to the design of a room and don’t just spruce up a space with their presence but also give it color, movement and texture. And as a bonus, they help purify the air around them and bring with them an element of nature into our homes.

And there isn’t just one way to use them around your home. You can put them to many uses – as décor on tables, as part of vignettes, in empty corners, to hide ugly spots around the house, as accent pieces, to name a few.
Here’s a quick list of the various ways in which you can use plants indoors, to help you get started!

1. Fill Empty Corners

There’s nothing like a potted plant to fill up an empty corner in style. Remember to get plants that don’t get hidden behind your furniture and are taller than them.

2. Add Color To Spaces

Get your colorful pots and urns out of their hiding places and transfer your plants into them. Keep them all around your home and see them sprucing up the space effortlessly!

3. Tabletop Terrariums

Terrariums are having a bit of a moment right now and we are seeing them everywhere! They are also very easy to create and maintain and can be an elegant addition to your interiors!

4. Make Your Own Indoor Succulent Garden

Succulents are hardy and elegant plants that don’t require much maintenance, making it okay for you to forget watering them often. You can create your own succulent garden indoors with a collection of assorted succulents!

5. In The Bathrooms

Plants can be a lovely addition to your bathroom when it comes to giving it a spa-like feel. Just make sure the ones you choose are fit for the moist and usually dark environment of a bathroom.

6. Hide Those Eyesores

Plants are a great way to hide eyesores in your home that you have no clue how to camouflage. Place your indoor plants strategically and hide those ugly spots, while sprucing up your interiors at the same time. Remember to use plants that have thick coverage.

7. On Coffee Tables

Give your coffee table a chance to hold something other than just your feet and the television remotes! You can create a beautiful vignette with a beautiful flowering plant like orchid right in the middle of it. You can even use a planter containing several small plants.