8 Console Table Decor Ideas That’ll Leave You Wanting One In Your Home Immediately

Last updated on April 27th, 2022

Do you want to add that extra edge to your room through your decor? While your sofa set and wall unit do cover the basics, you may consider adding a few plants or cushions to liven things up. But to take it up a notch, you need something that speaks the language of style and sophistication. A great way to achieve this is by decorating your console table.

It is high time to add one to your decor if you don’t have it already. You are sure to rush out and get it once you check out these 8 exciting console table decorating ideas! Let’s dive right in. 

Idea one – Add charm to your console with a table lamp

Adding a traditional vibe is a great way to enhance the charm of your console table, and it can’t get better than a table lamp. To heighten the effect, you can add small potted plants, books, or photo frames to the decor.

For a minimalist look, you can place a flower vase next to the lamp. Make sure the flowers don’t tower over the lamp.

Idea two – Do it with mirrors

For that classy, sophisticated look, place a mirror on your console table. You can opt for an antique mirror or go for a simple, modern frame. The reflection of the objects on the console does wonders for your decor. You can go for potted plants, a perennial favorite, or objects of art from your collection.

Heights are important, no matter what objects you choose. There should be a focus piece that takes the limelight, with surrounding smaller items in mismatched sizes.

Idea three – Tell a story with frames

A collection of frames on a console table creates buzz in your decor. You can go for family photos, pressed flowers, or black and white sketches to breathe life into your console. Make sure to select frames in different sizes and artfully layer them for better impact.

You can go for a whimsical mismatched look or the streamlined effect of frames in uniform colors. For a subtle feel, go for subdued patterns on your frames. For a vibrant, and funky look, you can go the multicolored way.

Idea four – Wall art

Wall art is the perfect way to bring together the elements of your console decor. Your art piece can be an elegantly framed print, a painting, or an appealing wall sculpture.

Remember, it’s all about balance. If you aim to place your lamp, plant, or your vignette on one side of your console, a frame in the center is not going to work. To balance your look, the artwork should be on the other side.

Idea five – Go green

Plants are a surefire way to bring to life not only your console table but your decor too. You can line up a few choice plants on your console or select a single plant that makes a bold statement. Don’t hesitate to let the green theme continue in the surrounding areas. A collection of plants near the console table base will liven up the atmosphere.

Idea six – Rustic vibe

Artifacts in natural materials will lend a rustic charm to your console table. It can be earthenware, metal craft, or wickerwork. You can use anything you have available, or scour flea markets for a surprise find. Let the earthy colors rule!

Dried flowers, glass jars, and pottery are other delightful choices.

Idea seven – Console with storage

Console tables with storage space underneath are a great opportunity to enhance your table with books, baskets, artifacts, or even plants. Make sure to keep it simple, rather than overdoing the look with too many items. You can work on the area near your console, too, to give your decor a cohesive feel.

Idea eight – Add a rug

Rugs are the perfect way to add a touch of class to your console table. You can go for runners if your console table is in the foyer or a handwoven throw rug for a bohemian look. The possibilities are endless!

Final Thoughts


Console tables are versatile and are a great fit for any style. We hope you loved these ideas as much as we loved putting them together for you! Head over to homebliss.in for more inspiring ideas. Happy decorating, folks!