4 Unexpected Uses Of Console Tables You Wish You’d Known Before

Last updated on November 17th, 2021

Console tables – those sleek and narrow furniture pieces you see in the entryways of homes are indeed a welcoming sight. Depending on how they’re done up, they have the potential to give the entryway a stunning focal point and leave a great first impression on everyone entering the house. They are also home to a bowl usually, which is like a catch-all for keys and other knick-knacks. And since an entryway is usually devoid of furniture, it fills the space up beautifully.

But we’re here today, to tell you about 4 fantastic uses that these sleek show-stoppers can be put to, that are way beyond decorative. Read on to get enlightened!

1. As An Entertainment Unit

If you’re someone who likes to keep things simple and don’t feel the need for an elaborate entertainment unit, a console table is just right for you.
Being narrow, it takes up way less floor space and can easily accommodate a TV and its accompanying gadgetry. Just make sure you keep the measurement of your TV and other gadgets in mind when you go shopping for your console-table-entertainment-center.

2. As Your Home Office Desk

Space constraint is the mother of creativity. Okay, we just made that one up. But you’ll have to agree, even a small space, if planned well with sound judgment and good aesthetic sense, can be made to look spacious.
If you’ve been wanting to carve out a space of your own for those work-from-home days, a compact console table just right to place your laptop, a table lamp, and a few files on, is your answer. All you need is a corner with a power source. Complete your stylish desk with a sleek, modern-looking chair and you’re all set to work from home!

3. As A Vanity Table In The bedroom

Okay. Here’s a question for you. What do you get if you throw a console table, a mirror, and a small stool together?
A vanity table! One that can replace your big, space-eating dressing table. Just get some nice-looking boxes to stash your jewelry in, organize your perfumes and cosmetics in one of those table-top organizers (that you can shop for, online). You can get an ottoman to replace the stool underneath, for plenty of added storage!

4. As A Home Bar

You don’t need a large area or an elaborate floor-to-ceiling bar cabinet to set up a cozy nook for those relaxed Friday nights. Just invest in a console table with open shelves to store your bar essentials. You can use the top of the table to keep starters and accompaniments. And finally, jazz your bar counter up with chic bottles and glasses and you’ve got yourself a nice bar to entertain your drinking buddies around, over weekends!