Tips To Decorate Your Bedside Table

Bedside tables are practical pieces of furniture and happen to be the landing pad for so many of our things like the jewelry we take off at bedtime, our cellphones and many other knick-knacks.


These practical nooks can also be used to add character to your bedroom. Let’s have a quick look at some of the things to keep in mind when decorating these essential pieces of furniture.

1. Plenty Of Light

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A bedside lamp will occupy the biggest space on your bedside table unless you have moveable reading lights above your bed. It also happens to be one of the most important things that your bedside table will have which is why it’s a good idea to invest some time when you are about to choose one.

2. Go Green

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Add some fresh flowers in a vase or a succulent, air plant or ferns to breathe some life into your space.

3. Add Layers

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Create layers in your display, by keeping the jewelry dish on top of a few books, for instance, to add visual interest.

 4. Add A sparkle

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You can place an ornate shallow dish next to the lamp, to keep your jewelry in, at bedtime. This could work as a sparkly display of your accessories.

5. Variety Of Shapes And Sizes

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Decorate your bedside table with a variety of knick-knacks in groups of three. These could be ornate perfume bottles and other trinkets of varying sizes that will create an interesting display on your bedside table.

6. Make It Personal

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Add an item that has special sentimental value to you. After all, it’s the last thing that you’ll see on the table before you sleep and the first thing that you’ll see when you wake up. This could be a framed photograph, a birthday card or a souvenir that holds a special meaning for you.

7. Good Aroma

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Adding a few scented candles to the knick-knacks on your bedside table can keep your bedroom smelling fresh and lend a luxurious feel to it. You can choose an aroma that has a relaxing effect on your senses.

8. A Timepiece


An analog clock can be quite an interesting addition to your bedside table, and even better if it’s of the vintage variety.

9. The Colors

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Make sure that there is a base color that you are sticking to when decorating your bedside table and that this color is coordinated with your bedding and other furniture in the bedroom.

10. Books


Keep a stack of your favorite books to create height and some interest on your bedside table. Stack some of the books vertically and a few others horizontally for the perfect look.