9 Fabulous Coffee Table Ideas For Small Living Rooms

Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

A coffee table is possibly among the most valuable furniture pieces in today’s living spaces. The problem is that these tables with unlimited potential are frequently long and burdensome, making it difficult to place them in tiny rooms.

If you have a small living room, you would want to make the most of every square inch for operability and aesthetic appeal. You can make a coffee table work for you with a bit of research, a few measurements, and some innovation. Fortunately, we have done the digging for you and discovered nine exciting and helpful coffee tables perfect for small spaces.

1. Geometric tables

These geometric tables are used the same way traditional coffee tables are, despite not being centered in the room.

We love how they create a contemporary style while still making room for novels, refreshments, and even a delightful floral arrangement.

Using two minor tables close together also provides plenty of surfaces while increasing the room’s visual appeal.

2. Modern coffee table

The “modern” style of decor refers to a particular range of 20th-century design approaches that emphasizes simplicity, clean lines, and the integration of utilitarian and aesthetic goals.

So, go right ahead and get yourself a space-saving modern coffee table!

3. Nested tables

We love the idea of using nested tables in a tiny space. You can draw one out from underneath the other if you need a good amount of table space.

If you need more space to move around in your living room, put the tinier table back underneath the biger one.

4. Cut corners

If you have a small living space, cutting corners and buying a round coffee table is a brilliant idea. Round coffee tables are much easier to maneuver around than square or rectangle-shaped coffee tables.

5. Creative with crates

Suppose you want to make your coffee table to fit your needs perfectly. In that case, we believe using crates would be both visually appealing and functional. You can make a beautiful fashion statement out of crates and some nails and create space for floral arrangements, books, and of course conversations around your spanking new coffee table!

6. Make it multipurpose

Like the last two options on this list, a multipurpose coffee table is one of our favorites. Using a chest enables you to conceal warm clothes and accent pillows while still possessing more than enough table space. Just remember to take your drinks off it before stashing your belongings!

7. The all-wood coffee table

It is a terrific alternative to balance the monochromatic area of the room with a minimalistic basic coffee table structure to bring refinement to the living room with a contrasting rug to improve its appeal.

8. A vintage table

A retro table adds a lot of character to the living area without taking up much space. It brings a feeling of nostalgia and also is a relation to our history. Havelis still have the same charm, and similarly, ancient furniture with intricate details brings value to the area.

9. Industrial table

The tiny, streamlined appearance of a black metal coffee table earns it a spot on our list. Because the bottom of such a table is more spacious, light can pass through, giving the impression that the room is more open and expansive. While darker hues might make a room feel confined, they can provide your area with an exquisite aspect when used sparingly.


While compact spaces present unique design problems, incorporating a coffee table into the living area is not difficult.

We hope you will find these nine living room design ideas helpful in creating a space that meets your needs and complements your unique style. Do check us out at www.homebliss.in.

In the meantime, think over the ideas you just read about and experiment with them!