BedroomWise: Have You Tried These 4 Design Trends That Are In Vogue?

Last updated on March 3rd, 2022

If your bedroom décor has been leaving you feeling bored and unhappy of late, it might be time you took a good, hard look at it and did something to stir things up a bit.

And this doesn’t always need a complete overhaul. Sometimes, just a few key changes here and there can give you the refreshing feeling you’re looking for. Just make sure whatever you choose for your private sanctuary, resonates with who you are and what you like. After all, this is the one place that you need to be truly happy in, and completely in your element, right?

Here are 4 design styles for bedrooms that have our heart. See if they do something to you?


If you’re someone who feels a strong pull towards nature and all things natural, this is one bedroom décor that’ll surely leave you feeling at peace.

To give your bedroom this look, choose key things made from natural materials and as close to their natural form as possible. Think wooden bed and nightstand, a rattan reading chair, sisal or cotton rugs, light cottony curtains – you get the drift?

Glitzy and Glamorous

If you like to do things with a splash, your bedroom needs to reflect and cater to this desire.

Give your bedroom bold jewel tones with paint and accessories, use rich fabrics like velvet and satin for your bed linen and upholstery fabrics and invest in furniture pieces with shiny metallic details. Think tufted headboards, mirrored bedside tables, gold threadwork in fabrics, and luxurious curtains. Do you get the picture?

Beautifully Flawed

There’s a Japanese concept known as Wabi-Sabi, that’s piqued everyone’s interest across the globe. It involves celebrating flaws in things, instead of hiding them.

If this idea catches your fancy too, make your bedroom purposefully ‘flawed’. Give things a carefully curated ‘imperfect’ look with mismatched bed linen (do coordinate the colors, though), distressed and beautifully aging furniture pieces, rugs with a beautifully frayed and casual appearance. Complete the look with your favorite throw draped casually over your beautifully weathered chair.

 Dark and Mysterious

If you like things with an air of mystery, this style’s for you. Find a way to work dark greys, deep greens, luxe violets, and midnight blues in your walls, ceilings, bed linen, and accessories. Restrict the metallic elements to rich, antique colors to keep the mood subtle. Think dark, patterned headboards, ceilings painted in a moody violet, and accent walls in deep hues that exude a certain mystical charm.

So, have you found your kind of bedroom in any of these styles?