Give Your Home The Appeal Of Teal

Last updated on July 20th, 2023

Neutrals are all the rage in home décor. Many home décor websites swear by the charm of these gorgeous shades. However, over time these shades lose their appeal, and we get the itch for something exciting. Of course, shades such as rusts, blues, and greens have their appeal. But, at some point, they have the “been there, done that vibe.” So, what’s your option?

To scratch your itch, we have just the color for you. Teal. So, what is teal? Teal flirts with shades of blues and greens, and may lean toward turquoise. Are we making any sense? To get a sense of this exuberant color, we have exciting images and more exciting ideas to share. Join us!

Eternal and Ethereal

So, how did this color get the name teal? Teals are freshwater ducks with a distinct dash of a bluish-green color around their head, beaks, and wings. It’s not surprising that the teal shade is the hottest home décor color today when you see the ducks.

Teal has always found favor in home décor, as blue calms the mind while green invigorates. When these two shades are mixed, we get a heavenly shade called teal, a wonderful balance of these colors, perfect for your home. This lovely color has a startling effect on the décor and friends who come for a visit. However, teal shades can vary. Some may lean toward blue; while others may have a darker tone. However, you can use it the way you wish, as this shade is glorious and works for all spaces in a home.

Teal is a Nifty Shade

Teal is forgiving and flexible. It adapts to situations and goes just as well with white-painted furniture as with lighter or darker wood shades. Teal is also seductive and loves to flirt with other shades, making it the ideal color if you want an out-of-the-box home décor. As it is versatile, you get to play with various teal shades and accent colors.

So, what works with teal? Let’s find out how to make this shade work for your décor.

Teal with White

For an understated, rich, and elegant look, you can’t beat the combination of teal with white. To amp up the look, beige accents are just the thing to tone down the sharp teal.

For a softer look, go for light teal shades and pair them with white, gray, and beige. Soft white curtains are ideal unless you have used teal in your bedroom decor and want to cut out the light.

Teal and Gray

Teal doesn’t mince words. And it’s best to let it do all the talking. So, if you have teal wall paint, try gray sofas for a classy look. Accents of gold or black look magnificent with this combination. A gray floor is a good pick. However, dark brown wooden flooring will work too. Embellish with black fixtures for a smarter look.

For your bedroom, you can play with lighter shades of teal for your bed linen and use accents of gray and patterned white or black throw cushions for a bit of playfulness. As you have teal on your bed, you can safely use gray or beige colors on your walls. Faux fur or a patterned rug will complete this look with a flourish.

Teal and Pink

Blue and red are complementary colors. Shades of these colors, such as pink or teal, are a marriage made in heaven. Pick muddy pinks for a sophisticated look. However, if you want more excitement, add darker shades like magenta on your throw cushions. Black fixtures are exuberant. But for a bit of glamour, brass is your best bet.

For a teal-on teal look, go for a darker shade of upholstery for your sofas, so that they stand out against the teal walls. And hey, wall paneling is the perfect way to bring out the beauty of teal.

Summing Up

Teal is pleasing to the eye and amps up the wellness factor in your home with its soothing charm. If you are planning to use this shade in your home decor, you can use the above images as a guideline. For more ideas on interesting color schemes for home decor, we have plenty of suggestions for you. Log in to for our unique take on home decor.